Garathe Den

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a heart of babel. a freedom dreamer. in it for adventure. enamored by liberty. transcending in love.

Garathe Den Poems

[ Sunshine ]

Life is unpredictable
And it can be a heavy one
Beat you up into a pulp
And not even be remotely done

[ The Path ]

Don't hesitate to write
The moment you feel inspired
Because it doesn't take much
To kindle these fires

[ Lens ]

I see you, and seeing you
I bring you into being
Creation in acknowledgment
The whole world, it is beaming

[ Illusions ]

Not afraid of strife, war
Bloodshed, destruction
I was raised with this in my life
It is the source of my corruption

[ Life Lesson ]

Life lesson
Nobody will hurt you more
Than someone you love

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DFG 23 August 2021


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