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Love And Life And Laughter

How glorious new beginnings are
Of love and life and laughter
You made your wish, you caught a star
It's happy ever after

Let Me

let me live on my feet
let my head be held high
let me stand all the heat
and not to ask why

Life's Meaning

Things are not always as they seem
Some people live life in a dream
They're hurting bad from yesterday
And times that are so far away

Candle In The Night

The sky is dark but my candle burns bright
wherever i go so will my light
I am a small fire that began with a spark
You said that im blind, and should live in the dark

Brothers Play Date

brothers? who needs them?
mine were the worst
they mould you then scold you
and rub your face in the dirt

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Robert Winthrop 24 January 2012

Gareth, You are indeed a poet. And I like it that you are not a one poem wonder. Nice imagery and rhyme. Keep writing. Bob

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hi everyone just on here trying to get some feed back on my poems.Iam not educated like alot of the poets on here but i hope some people can relate to what I write still.I was born in Blackpool(UK) but have lived in brighton for the last 4 years.

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