Garland Jodie Jeen

Rookie (1/7/1989 / China, HK)

Garland Jodie Jeen Poems

1. The Slit 11/7/2011
2. Every Well-Cooked Meal 11/7/2011
3. Keep Crushing... 11/7/2011
4. The Black Nail 11/7/2011
5. Slipping Moon 11/7/2011
6. A Teardropp Amongst The Raindrops On The Pane 11/7/2011
7. What In Vain Is In Veins 11/8/2011
8. Disciplined Affection 11/8/2011
9. Scribbled 11/8/2011
10. Paint Beyond Boundary 11/8/2011
11. A Black Fountain 11/8/2011
12. Grace Locked 11/8/2011
13. The Same Heavens 11/8/2011
14. The Tip. A Cut But No Blood 11/8/2011
15. 'Cause When I Stand Close 11/8/2011
16. Offhand, Love. Offhand Love. 11/8/2011
17. Irregular Love Needs A Regular Drug 11/8/2011
18. A Crisis In A Ghost 11/8/2011
19. Give Me Two Coffees 11/8/2011
20. If You'Re A Promise 11/9/2011
21. I Play A Human Mind 11/9/2011
22. Love Made 11/9/2011
23. In The Abdomen, In The Arms 11/9/2011
24. Mousy Pet 11/9/2011
25. Merge With Tears 11/9/2011
26. One Who Stays Awake All Year Long 11/9/2011
27. Only One Gender 11/9/2011
28. Going Through Howevers 11/9/2011
29. Artistry Is A Very Essence To Me; But I Can'T Leave Out Eatery. 11/9/2011
30. Three Is Too Much. Two Is Too Little. 11/9/2011
31. Bb Wonders 11/9/2011
32. I Throw Tantrums Into Space 11/9/2011
33. Illusory I'Ce-Cream 11/9/2011
34. Deep Feeling Double Ee 11/9/2011
35. A Litre Of Friendship 11/9/2011
36. Switch Off The Luck 11/9/2011
37. A Simple Equation Has A Difficult Answer. 11/9/2011
38. Jealousy Hell And Helps 11/9/2011
39. Absorbing Lavender 11/9/2011
40. Dentist's Two Legs Dancing Inside Mouths 11/9/2011

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Best Poem of Garland Jodie Jeen

My Melting Snowman

</>Your finger points to the highway

cars at high speed i'm afraid..

whenever there is a running race

i get the last prize by reaching the finishing line late

it's too late to give you a say..

Your finger is just a spray,

but man, I believe you.

You're another robot? You're too cold to be one..

You can't be time-tested, not to mention a legend.

I know now; you point a way for me to go

Want me to leave you...can i leave you be?

then you melt...

I 'm still walking further away from you.

I think to...

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The Slit

</>The visual dimension limits my vision

but my olfactory nerve is still active

I smelt the spermine

Temperature after intimacy

Is that an invasion or a mergence?

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