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We're not great, Poetry is great!
I feel the touch of a petal, but I can't feel the loads of your romance.

Garland Jodie Jeen Poems

My Melting Snowman

</>Your finger points to the highway

cars at high speed i'm afraid..

You Scratch Your Head, I Stretch My Hair

</>The last sip of water...

I'm waiting for drinking another bottle of wine

The Best Way To Comb The Blonde Hair

</>Years is the worst unforgivable hairstylist

He cuts my hair short;

A Rabbit's Wedding.....

</>i'm stirring the milk, wondering if it can be whiter
so that another Snow White emerges...
i can smell the fresh grass, mixed with the fragrance
naturally made from strawberries, and don't forget

A Memory Chopper

</>With scissors, cutting is made crispy

What are apart? Half of the paper is a lonely part.

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