Gary Scott Gebert Poems

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Forever Sleep

The warmth of heavy cover overshadows me
The moonless dark shines on my eyelids
My mind only grasping at the small things unknowing
As I escape my life

I'M Dying In My Dreams

Every night seems a little longer,
trying to find my way in the dark.
Crawling through these endless thoughts,
hoping to reach the finishing line.

A Face In The Crowd

At a distance I see you
with a look of distant sorrow
or perhaps my perception of what life is like
to someone with no hope

A Silent Goodbye

you say your cold
yet I lie here next to you

you say you’re happy

Cold Shower

In slow motion the drops appear,
coldly beating upon this worn façade.
Wearing away the last of all I am,
numbing me for all eternity.


Your eyes speak in silence
of disgust and shame
Piercing my thinning armor
slowly decaying my defenses


Played the game all my life,
guessing pieces of this enigma.
Dreading the unavoidable finish,
little by little outlining this image.

Floating To The Surface

Within the words you speak,
softly whispering from behind your mask.
Soothing lost syllables calling me out,
from this ocean of hopelessness and guilt.

Dead Flowers

Each day I walk through your garden,
which you toiled incessantly.
Giving life with those beautiful, elegant hands,
cultivating all within your careful touch.


Here I stand, naked before you.
Stripped of all my armor,
revealing my battle scars for all to see.
Vulnerable to you, and all my enemies.