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Your eyes speak in silence
of disgust and shame
Piercing my thinning armor
slowly decaying my defenses

Forever Sleep

The warmth of heavy cover overshadows me
The moonless dark shines on my eyelids
My mind only grasping at the small things unknowing
As I escape my life

I'M Dying In My Dreams

Every night seems a little longer,
trying to find my way in the dark.
Crawling through these endless thoughts,
hoping to reach the finishing line.

A Face In The Crowd

At a distance I see you
with a look of distant sorrow
or perhaps my perception of what life is like
to someone with no hope

A Silent Goodbye

you say your cold
yet I lie here next to you

you say you’re happy

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Linda Preston 27 March 2005

I have just discovered Gary. He is very, very good. If he's not published he should be.

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, , , 05 December 2004

I have read much of your work, sir. and I have enjoyed so much indeed, with special admiration, for the poems, A Face In The Crowd and I'm Dying In My Dreams. You have, in these pieces, and others that I read, a great capacity, to combine depth, brilliance and integrity. Thank you for the warmed pleasure, I was able to walk away with.

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James Grengs 20 October 2004

Gary, I love your poems! they're dark, but it's the kind of dark that makes a person think about themself- it's all very good. ~James

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Gary Scott Gebert, when hard-pressed will say it was April 3rd of 2002 when he made his first attempt at writing anything he would deem “poetic.” This coming from a man with a long history as a musician and songwriter. Prior to April 2002, Gary felt his songwriting outlets and collaboration with other musicians was enough. The impact these talented ...

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