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Dearest sweetest Sister,
Though these words of my
Shall surely fall shy
Of doing justice


Oh Music - first love of my -
Wonder where would be I,
Without the comfort of thy
Sacred notes - low and high,

Sometimes, when I look
Out of the window,
I see trees and a
Dove as white as snow.

Let us make love.
Let us walk through
These doors of Inhibition
And go to a place


Even though on this day,
In the eyes of the world you die;
You - my Bua - my second Mother.
Yet, this son, does not cry.


Oh Sleep! Why do you elude me?
Why do you not have mercy
On these heavy eyelids of mine?
Or on my tired Consciousness?

The Ocean calls out to me.
It says: 'Come to me.
Drown your Self in me.
Become One with me.

My own Hate loves me -
I'm the object of her desire.
In my heart dwells she,
Incinerating it with ire.


This Ache inside my Heart -
Does refuse to part
...with me.

I was sitting in a cafe,
In the company of strangers,
Listening intently
To what they had to say;

When a child I was,
She, Sleep, would never come
Without mother's lullaby.
Now a man I am,

Dearest Love of mine,
On this day,
When these fine stars do shine
With all their

I happen to have three friends,
All of whom are messiahs
Of Pain and Despair.

Occasionally I make
The innocent mistake,
Of opening these eyes
To the world around me.

Have you ever sat beneath
The virgin azure skies -
A few white clouds here and there;
And having closed your eyes,

I am but a battlefield -
A constant war wages on.
The warriors: Heart and Mind;
Between the two I stay torn.


Voices, Voices; Inside my head.
Voices, Voices; Them I do dread.
Scolding, Scorning, Screaming, Screeching;
A kind word they have never said.

If She ever gets this message,
I just want Her to know:
Her thoughts shall always surround me,
Wherever I may go.

She caught my heart's eye
And tempted him -
With her smile, her hair,
Her eyes, breasts and

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Ode To My Sister

Dearest sweetest Sister,
Though these words of my
Shall surely fall shy
Of doing justice
To the love that I
Have for you,
But still, I shall try.

Where should I start?
It’s a task but hard.
Begin, perhaps, I should
By saying that I could
Not possibly tell you
How beautiful you are
On the outside,
And on the inside
Till the greatest depths
Of fathomable existence.

I thank you for your kindness
For your care, and concern,
And those few brief moments
When you have been stern -
These precious commodities
For which I shall yearn
When I am not here,
Far away somewhere
Outside the field of
Your loving gaze
At a place
Where these ears
Shall not hear
Your comforting voice.

When I am in the dark -
As I often am -
With nothing in sight
I need you there
As my guiding light;
I need you there
To wipe the tears
From my face
And keep at bay
All my fears
With your grace.

I need you to
Find me a wife
Just like you
So that my life
May be like those few
Fortunate ones
That in bliss forever are.

In the end I just pray
That you always be there
For me
As you always have been.
As I can't take care
Of me
By myself, on my own.
Without you
I shall feel alone
And empty.

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