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To the one; who always had my heart

To the one; that makes me glisten

Lost A Way

I havelost the way, I felt tonight
Ihavefound myself in your eyes once more
I just can't understand, why you come to me....I am not the one
itsthe way you make me feellike this is the only way

Your My Eyes

From the first moment I laid my eyes on you.....
my world was turn inside out, ..
whenthe beginning to ending
. I had no way of telling, where i was going, ...

Rain Above Us

As.we were kissingon the late summer eve

with thurther. At a glimpse

Looking Behide The Moon Luna

Where have you set yourself, , so hided
Lookingfor you Among the Stars Behind the Moon traveling though Destiny's to find you

I can still feel your lightshining on me

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