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this tranquillity
wind over the ravine by-People-called-shamelessly-Ravine

Yellow water
in the stockyard —
far away and cold, a priori,

so that I
in myself should pray,

at last I draw near there is no-one there never was

I understand I remember your soul
observing in mist far away

Like snow the Lord that is
and is what is the snows
when the soul is what is

It has set
(kupolya kupoleli)

With the sway of the forest's hem
the line departed — smiles among them — vanished

In the invisible glow
of pulverized melancholy
I know uselessness like the poor know their last piece of clothing

Gennadij Ajgi Biography

Gennadiy Nikolaevich Aygi (Russian: Генна́дий Никола́евич Айги́; IPA: [ɡʲɪˈnadʲɪj nʲɪkɐˈlajɪvʲɪtɕ ɐjˈɡʲi] ( listen), Chuvash: Геннадий Николаевич Айхи; 21 August 1934 – 21 February 2006 in Moscow) was a Chuvash poet and a translator. His poetry is written both in Chuvash and in Russian. He was born in the village of Shaimurzino (Çĕnyal), Chuvashia (USSR), moved to Moscow in 1953 and stayed there for the rest of his life. Aygi started writing poetry in the Chuvash language in 1958. Among the recognitions he has won are the Andrey Bely Prize (1987), the Pasternak Prize (2000, the first to be awarded this), the Prize of the French Academy (1972), the Petrarch Prize (1993), the Golden Wreath of the Struga Poetry Evenings in 1994 and the Jan Smrek Prize (Bratislava, Slovakia). Sofia Gubaidulina set several of his poems to music in her cycle Jetzt immer Schnee ("Now always snow"). His son Aleksey Aygi is a composer.)

The Best Poem Of Gennadij Ajgi

And: The One-Ravine

to the memory of Krysztof Baczynski

this tranquillity
wind over the ravine by-People-called-shamelessly-Ravine
and at last the Super-dignity-Abyss - and simply such a calm
collapse-Dignity: there is nothing it signifies Unity (to this degree
to the moment
by talking to the end
over the ravine)


like breathing already with Nothing-and-No-one we say
spiritlikeness (likeness of a likeness)
of the Friend-depths-of-first-created-Auschwitz - of the all-human-
dream not dreamed to the end
sensing (and the soul like blood from a baby with banners tearing-
and-crying in wide-opening)
sensing-eating in endless dog-breathing
the crater of the ravine
the ravine
and only out of liquid-substance-"once-upon-a-time"
this inverse long-before-Someone (when already like a corpse over
everything the name
had stopped shining! - the absence
of traces shines - beyond that end-of-shining)
oh this
no less


oh quietness
I was not more shameless
with you quietness
but now even so with me
you quietness are like breathing
of light-immortally-high
of the spirit-of-Ash (in such true
you are


we have finished but from the ravine
shamefully but still like a flower
the wind like the babble of baby-Baczynski (here for you is a
flower-such-a-hieroglyph-of-super-perfection-trembling -
and now it has arrived like the wound of the child in its
subtlety shameless)
over the ravine
they have finished
even brandings of perfection of shining to grasses and birds teeth-of-
and even some
to the wind
through Emptiness itself
cannot be drilled home or sparked off
has covered: and there is no name
of-what-or-of-whom-That-now-to-give-a-name-to-is-empty-and-late! -
of that: in closed setting aside!)
only bones are shining not light of eyes over the face!) and a kind
of endlessness
of shamelessness in ultimate subtlety
tearing-Something-tearing - and more and more subtly! - they have
finished - wind over the ravine
they have finished
over the ravine


Translated from Russian by Peter France

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Gennadij Ajgi Popularity

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