Georg Trakl

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Georg Trakl Biography

Georg Trakl was an Austrian poet. He is considered one of the most important Austrian Expressionists.

Life and Work

Trakl was born and lived the first 18 years of his life in Salzburg, Austria. His father, Tobias Trakl (11 June 1837, Ödenburg/Sopron – 1910), was a dealer of hardware from Hungary, while his mother, Maria Catharina Halik (17 May 1852, Wiener Neustadt – 1925), was a housewife of Czech descent with strong interests in art and music.

Trakl attended a Catholic elementary school, although his parents were Protestants. He matriculated in 1897 at the Salzburg Staatsgymnasium, where he studied Latin, Greek, and mathematics. At age 13, Trakl began to write poetry. As a high school student, he began visiting brothels, where he enjoyed giving rambling monologues to the ...

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manidipa sanyal 13 September 2020

1. From which book of George Trakl the poem " der schlaf" is taken? 2. From which book of Wilhelm Lehmann the poem " Februarmond" is taken?

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Marya 13 October 2018

Georg Trakl is a rare poet....who haunted all my youth. This translation seems to be familiar to me. Can you tell me who the translator was?

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Gray Mason 13 October 2018

Are these poems in the public domain, or are they subject to copyright?

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Soul Watcher 24 June 2016

I like to read to this great poet, thank you for sharing his poems

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The Best Poem Of Georg Trakl

Winter Evening

When snow falls against the window,
Long sounds the evening bell...
For so many has the table
Been prepared, the house set in order.

From their wandering, many
Come on dark paths to this gateway.
The tree of grace is flowering in gold
Out of the cool sap of the earth.

In stillness, wanderer, step in:
Grief has worn the threshold into stone.
But see: in pure light, glowing
There on the table: bread and wine.

Georg Trakl Popularity

Georg Trakl Popularity

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