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This is me.
Here I am.

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Good Bye To This World

Good bye to this world....
when the son kills his father
and the father forsakes his son
Good bye to this world

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How Life Is.

What's Life?

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Poetry is not only letters

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22 May 2015

من غريب طبع الإنسان، أنه يحب العدالة مظلوماً ويكرهها ظالماً

17 August 2016

Life is not easy just do not be lazy

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Prabir Gayen 24 March 2019

Extraordinary talent..sensi sensitive heart... beautiful mind..great poet.

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Dddddd Ssssssssssss 22 September 2016

it is realy good poem dear brother. I like it so much.

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Ayman Parray 23 May 2015

I am a very slow reader but as I gradually read your poetry, I feel and this is my opinion that you are a poet who speaks from his heart both in his poetry and his words. Thank you

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Ayman Parray 18 May 2015

Brevity is the mother of wit. An apt description of some part of your bio. Your words are thought provoking and inspiring. Thank you

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Ayman Parray 13 May 2015

Wonderful idea of a biography

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