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George Chapman was an English dramatist, translator, and poet. He was a classical scholar whose work shows the influence of Stoicism. Chapman has been identified as the Rival Poet of Shakespeare's sonnets by William Minto, and as an anticipator of the Metaphysical Poets of the 17th centur ...

George Chapman Poems

The Shadow Of Night

Fall, Hercules, from heaven, in tempests hurl'd,
And cleanse this beastly stable of the world;
Or bend thy brazen bow against the Sun,


Give me a spirit that on this life's rough sea
Loves to have his sails filled with a lusty wind
Even till his sailyards tremble, his masts crack,

Her Coming

See where she issues in her beauty's pomp,
As Flora to salute the morning sun;
Who when she shakes her tresses in the air,


There is no truth of any good
To be discerned on earth ; and, by conversion,
Nought therefore simply bad; but as the stuff

Bridal Song

O COME, soft rest of cares! come, Night!
   Come, naked Virtue's only tire,
The reaped harvest of the light
   Bound up in sheaves of sacred fire.

George Chapman Quotes

11 November 2014

Who to himself is law, no law doth need, Offends no law, and is a king indeed.

11 November 2014

Pure innovation is more gross than error.

11 November 2014

For one heat, all know, doth drive out another, One passion doth expel another still.

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