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Coleridge was the son of a vicar. He was educated at Christ's Hospital, London, where he became friendly with Lamb and Leigh Hunt and went on to Jesus College Cambridge, where he failed to get a degree. In the summer of 1794 Coleridge became friends with the future Poet Laureate Southey, with whom he wrote a verse drama. Together they formed a plan ...

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poems

Kubla Khan

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree :
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless

The Suicide's Argument

Ere the birth of my life, if I wished it or no
No question was asked me--it could not be so !
If the life was the question, a thing sent to try
And to live on be YES; what can NO be ? to die.

The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

It is an ancient Mariner,
And he stoppeth one of three.
`By thy long beard and glittering eye,
Now wherefore stopp'st thou me ?

Fears In Solitude

A green and silent spot, amid the hills,
A small and silent dell ! O'er stiller place
No singing sky-lark ever poised himself.

Rime Of The Ancient Mariner


Facile credo, plures esse Naturas invisibiles quam visibiles in rerum
universitate. Sed horum omnium familiam quis nobis enarrabit? et gradus et

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quotes

11 November 2014

In politics, what begins in fear usually ends in folly.

11 November 2014

No man was ever yet a great poet, without being at the same time a profound philosopher.

11 November 2014

That willing suspension of disbelief for the moment, which constitutes poetic faith.

11 November 2014

Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, which will itself need reforming.

11 November 2014

Until you understand a writer's ignorance, presume yourself ignorant of his understanding.

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Basamma kannal 18 October 2019

Kubla khana poem is a dream poem of Coleridge

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lolgay 01 December 2018

pretty depressed lets be real

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Stephanie carlson 27 February 2018

His life sounded miserable, sad, and very difficult

15 3 Reply
Ling Poon 15 November 2013

his life was miserable

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