George Samuel Poems

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The Sower And The Seed

To the field to the field
While it rained sowing till there's yield
Unto toil and our seed
Giving all as the earth has need

My Ink

Countless my ink may fall
Like droplet upon whited wall
Bring my thoughts from my soul
And stain the ages scroll

The Power Of A Smile

Childhood is history
Teenage life is temporal
Adolescent final territory
Three anniversaries live a ceremony

The Sabbath Day

It is morning fresh first of it kind
A newly made day its called a Monday
Heaven was made by words from his mind
It is the second day a Tuesday

Eyes Of The Sea

Come quietly
Come singing
Come whispering
Oh come shadow come

Empty Soul

Lofty love
Why in cruelty slay my solitary soul
And disguise thy act like some sent above
Let low I'm so empty full

We Belong To God

Why not join us, we wear rags,
And beg and brag;
Proud of our jobs,
We don't belong to forbs;

Wrong Side Of The Grave

Silence warm the tomb '
When the quake is numb;
And the soul gone.
Now, the bones are alone.

Love Pass Me

Love pass me
Leaving nude town
Not too many three boys paring
Mute empty bars

Save By The Crumbs

Lead us to the mountain where we decide our Isaac not a worthy sacrifice
But consider it a token of a fat full burnt offering
And in our filthy hands thou wouldst not
We do not deserve the burning of thy divine ram

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