We Belong To God Poem by George Samuel

We Belong To God

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Why not join us, we wear rags,
And beg and brag;
Proud of our jobs,
We don't belong to forbs;
We belong to God.

How do we know?
I can tell you how,
Because we breath the same air,
And life treats us fair,
We are created by God.

At night we enjoy sound sleep,
Though sometimes with sheep;
We work in the day,
And find time to play,
Clap our hands and return glory to God.

We grow from childhood,
And enjoyed teenage years,
Now, we're old and going home,
For this world our home,
We are going home to meet our God.

We Belong To God
Sylvia Frances Chan 03 February 2024

THE FINAL: we all pray to God the Father, to God His Only Son and God The Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for sharing this poem about God.

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George Samuel 06 February 2024

Thanks, my pleasure 🙏 ☺

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 February 2024

LAST PART: we all belong to One God, you created an excellent poem, with God is meant One God with His Only Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, this Holy Trinity is together God,

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 February 2024

From your point of view, absolutely right, we all belong to God each with our own belief, one with his/her belief in Jesus Christ and His Father God and The Holy Spirit,

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