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1. The Man Of Vanity 8/11/2012
2. How Are We Alone? 8/12/2012
3. A Poets Dream 8/12/2012
4. Regime' 8/14/2012
5. My Pizza Man 8/14/2012
6. Shameful Prose 8/17/2012
7. Beauty With Me 8/17/2012
8. Infamy 8/19/2012
9. A Poem For You. 8/20/2012
10. Simply For You 8/22/2012
11. Greatest Woman 8/23/2012
12. Washington Be Ashamed 8/23/2012
13. Girl Stop That Lie 8/27/2012
14. Lonely Gull 8/27/2012
15. You And Me 8/27/2012
16. She And Me 8/31/2012
17. Crazy Me. 8/31/2012
18. Pizza Truth 8/31/2012
19. History 9/6/2012
20. Fake Dimension 9/6/2012
21. Shattered Earth 9/7/2012
22. The Enemy 9/7/2012
23. A Walk Along The Sea 9/11/2012
24. Tribute To 911-2001 9/12/2012
25. Read Away 10/7/2012
26. The Great Mirror 12/24/2012
27. Inner Sanctum 1/17/2013
28. Usa 5/5/2013
29. Grandeur Of Excellence 6/11/2013
30. Revolution Of The American Tradition 10/6/2013
31. Endeavor 7/6/2014
32. Other Stuff 8/4/2012
33. Bluebonnet's And Angels 8/4/2012
34. Silent Wanderer 8/4/2012

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Silent Wanderer

Oh silent wanderer tell me what you see.
How I question the looks in your eyes.
For your looks are the only thing I can't read.

I know who you are in almost every way,
But behind your eyes is where the real mystery lays.
Why must I know?
Why do they haunt me so?

Into your sparkling eyes I gaze.
Silent wanderer where does your heart blaze?
Your lips tell me sweet things, and my ears are filled with joy.

I can stare inside forever and always seek more.
Everything that I see is looking back at me, and yet my mind is still tore.
Silent wanderer...

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Other Stuff

Will it ever end, this eternal cylce that tears us from our insides.
Life in the 90's it is very hard to say.
Learn, Learn, Learn is what they say.
And it will all go your way.
Some don't try and some succeed.
those that do destroy those that don't.
Wonder what I mean?
Do you need a chart, Pie Graph, or a Key.
Of course you do.

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