George Sandys

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Rating: 4.67

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George Sandys was an English traveller, colonist and poet.


He was born in Bishopsthorpe, the seventh and youngest son of Edwin Sandys, archbishop of York. He studied at St Mary Hall, Oxford, but took no degree. On his travels, which began in 1610, he first visited France; from north Italy he passed by way of Venice to Constantinop ...

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The Best Poem Of George Sandys

My God, Thy Suppliant Hear

My God, thy suppliant hear:
Afford a gentle ear:
For I am comfortless,
And labour in distress.

Thy servant, Lord, defend,
Whose hopes on Thee depend:
From wasting sorrow free
The heart long vowed to Thee.

For Thou art God alone,
To tender pity prone,
Propitious unto all
Who on thy mercy call.

But, O Thou King of kings,
From whom sweet mercy springs,-
Then ready to be found
When troubles most abound,-

O hear my fervent prayer,
And take me to thy care;
Direct me in thy way;
So shall I never stray.

George Sandys Popularity

George Sandys Popularity

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