George Sandys Poems

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My God, Thy Suppliant Hear

My God, thy suppliant hear:
Afford a gentle ear:
For I am comfortless,
And labour in distress.

Thou Who Art Enthroned Above!

Thou who art enthroned above!
Thou by whom we live and move!
Thee we bless; thy praise be sung,
While an ear can hear a tongue.

The Mind Of The Frontispeece And Argument Of This Worke

FIRE, AIRE, EARTH, WATER, all the Opposites
That stroue in Chaos, powrefull LOVE vnites;
And from their Discord drew this Harmonie,

Praise From All Men

All from the sun's uprise,
Unto his setting rays,
Resound in jubilees
The great Jehovah's praise.

All, From The Sun's Uprise

All, from the sun's uprise
Unto his setting rays,
Resound in jubilees
The great Creator's praise!

The Life Of Ovid

Book I

The World, form'd out of Chaos. Man is made.
The Ages change. The Giants Heauen inuade.

The Works Of God

Great God! how manifold, how infinite
Are all Thy works! with what a clear foresight
Didst Thou create and multiply their birth!

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