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When we talk each other
As a subject and object
Not as a brother and sister
That is poverty

Sometime you make me sad
but more often you make me happy
Sometime you make me cry
but more often you make me laugh

I wish all that happened to me today is April mop, but it isn't
It's even not half day yet in this first of April, but so much trouble i face
Spent few minutes to walk around and try to found something better
But all seems foolish in this fool's-day.

There are white lilies blooming along my path

In the end of one blue season

He greets as beautiful as a morning dew
deliriously and mysterious
He is a brightest star in the night sky
always there but never comes into my hand

A tiny frozen heart
Comes to beat again
Since you were here

3rd of September
I wanna go home
Bring a bouquet of rose
Put on your gravestone

Dark clouds hanging on the sky
Still I plea for a brighter life
Like lines of lilies
Dressing in twilight white

I dunno what brought us together

I dunno what brought us apart

Give me a heart to stand out in Faith

when twilight gloaming comes to darkest night

Ups.. It’s not about you! It’s all about me, honey!

Coz I know my heart would be broken if I go there

For loving the one you love


When the morning comes
I open my window
Welcoming new day
Welcoming new blessings

Di penghujung suatu masa sedih

Bakung putih berbunga di sepanjang jalanku

It's alright to feel so lonely
Coz all good angels too busy today
There is a big party in heaven now
One of their best is coming home

Nowhere but Indonesia
Thousands island lies on equator
Sun shines brightly along the year
Welcoming smiles are free of charge


I wish you keep be you
but how could you be you
If you not you know
and you know not you

I'm on the way when George pass away
Night is night and my tears roll down for unreason
You become untouchable and i can not feel you
But i'll be home for you

Open my eyes o God
Like two disciples on their way to Emaus
So that I recognize
He who have been walk with me

Tired blossom lilies
Face on dust, face on sun, face on rain, face on storm
keep on smile ’till the end of the day
ascribe greatness of the Lord

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I have has dream to be a beacon glint in life,
but if could only allowed to be a sparkling beam in sombre glum..
I complacent!
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When we talk each other
As a subject and object
Not as a brother and sister
That is poverty

When there's an empty space between us
Could only be stepped in
by your permit and requirements
That is poverty

When there's a ToR you decided on man
By annoying the value of him
And fact that we are all equal
That is poverty

And the poverty is
My plea to God
in times you put me on debat
and neglect my wounded heart


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