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Geraldine Fernandez Poems

1. Pipe Dream 1/21/2006
2. My Undying Love 1/21/2006
3. No Genuine Love 1/21/2006
4. Forlorn 1/21/2006
5. When Love Dies 1/21/2006
6. Imperfection From Absence 1/25/2006
7. Let Me Be Your Angel 1/25/2006
8. Apollo 1/25/2006
9. So Afraid 1/25/2006
10. Sullen Soul 1/29/2006
11. A Sullen Fate 1/29/2006
12. No One But I 1/29/2006
13. Exquisite Eyes 1/29/2006
14. Love’s Extent 1/29/2006
15. Eros 1/29/2006
16. Epitome Of Life’s Accumulated Poignancy 1/29/2006
17. Whatever You Are 1/25/2006
18. Pink Letter 2/7/2006
19. Promises Of Love 1/21/2006
20. In Your Sleep, I Die 2/7/2006
21. The Magic In My Hands 2/7/2006
22. Numb Heart 1/25/2006
23. Love Hurts 1/21/2006
24. Heart Of Gold 2/7/2006
25. A Ride On My Pen 1/21/2006
26. A Hero, A Nationalist 1/25/2006
27. Summer’s Heat, Summer’s Hate 1/25/2006

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Summer’s Heat, Summer’s Hate

Oh, summer’s heat,
In my life it lit;
In the mind aims to penetrate,
This moment’s flame, how I hate.

Oppressing heat seems eternal,
Breeze that’s cool is but ephemeral;
Sultry nights embrace you so tight,
Blinding you in the magic shards of light.

Hell is the summer’s day,
With the sun’s burning ray;
It destroys thy once magnificent lea,
And turns to mud the beatific sea.

Oh, summer’s heat,
Wane the aches just a bit;
The puissant heat, wind can’t abate,
This moment’s flame, how I utterly hate.

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An endless solitary night
No one can appease my troubled mind
Nothing brings me delight
I have no one behind.

An endless time of affliction
No one ever shows affection
No one shares his glee
I’m trapped in the world of melancholy.

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