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God is king, but life is a trend
to take the bitter and the sweet
adrenaline battles on to the end.
Be victorious even in defeat.

Every sixty seconds spent waiting,
On the reality to obtain promises,
Could be a minute of inheritance gone?
Never to come back and take chances.

Courage sometimes is the quietest voice
That roars loudest from within,
Making faith a distinctive choice
And compelling motivation to try again.

Spring is here again taking a shower in the trees
Bathing the wind that brings again spring cleaning,
Wash the newly formed lawns and greener leaves,
Of April; wet days soak deeper in sprinkling spring.

I’m in heaven with you,
Spirited away on a burning sphere,
Inside of me are the new
Imprints of this adventure.

Airy tune plays the starry notes we adore
Wind generate the breathe of vibrancy found,
A beat tapping polite crescendo upon the floor,
Judges joined in the finale of encore sound.

The pain we hate shall have no lasting power,
And weak it will be when we shall see the sane,
Go without dominion into deaths final hour,
Sink into the ground where they will rise again.

Under Your spell make me feel special,
Share my doubts, remove all my fears
When you smile I fall under your spell,
You wipe away so many of my tears.

The wound will leave your heart
Lost in the shadows again,
Ashes in the wind; tearing it apart
Death comes with so much pain.

We depart and leave only memories behind,
Unending deeds of omission still pursuing,
Names that labor hour will never again find
Hurrying time with activities up and doing.

Perfect love cast out fear,
Love is in the eyes of a dear friend,
Love is found transformed in the air,
True love has no boundaries to end.

I want to see the changes
that lies beyond these doors,
to the gate of future ages
and see what heaven has in store.

The hollow tract leading to a suave phenomenon
Out of the skylight falls tenderly to the ground,
Turn suddenly into the most pleasant sensation,
Of new songs we hear bringing a pulsating sound.

The world is shaken by Armageddon awakening,
Kingdoms began to rise and fall with repetitions,
Crying out for peace and security monitoring
Apathy and ignorance the coalition of Nations.

When in this land you have given your all,
And not think twice when someone needs forgiven,
Love can cover the hurt every time you fall,
But bruises will be hidden beneath the vale of sin.

Did you see the Roses that grew
and made changes to the church yard?
Inside the providence of Gods law
they painted the imprints of his word.

You may dismiss me during the fast
Moving performances taking place,
Pay more attention to costume and cast
A spell over those sitting in the audience.


Love not too much by many,
Edible flavor found in Sushi,
Press into ball shape Varity,
Smelled raw like the sea.

I would like to have a theory of perception,
But seeing is easier for me to believe,
The unknown phenomena visiting my mind,
Preoccupied with thoughts conceive.

When we see summer changes
The clothes we wear quickly disappear,
And the next season rearranges
Clouds more fastidious in the atmosphere.

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I love creative writing. And I write poetry on many different subjects, including War peace, love, happiness, sorrow, anguish, heartache, religion, peace, heaven, family, travel, finance. Wring poetry is a way of expressing my thoughts to touch the lives of people. Biography Full Name: Gerry Vernon Legister Nationality: British Born in Jamaica, Silver Spring, Westmoreland Residing West Yorkshire, England. Fort Lauderdale Religion Christianity. Birthday: 21 November. Education Silverdale secondary school Qualification Pharmacy Technician. Business and corporate management. International Tourism and Hospitality. Professional Position- National Trustee Employment: Hotel Manager. Author of books published. End time events. Horsemen of apocalypse, A look at the end times. Immortalize Flames. Effectual fervent Prayer, A silent prayer Sharing life with love, The long night closes Bible in poetry, The inspiration of poetry Leaves of England, Poetry bliss. The Funeral Picturesque Jamaica, best value for vacation. My Favourite Poets. Maya Angelou 1928-2014 Walter de la mare 1873-1956 Music -Jazz: Artists, Louis Armstrong, and Billie Holiday Nat king Cole, Diana Ross, and Paul Simon. Best country of interest -Israel Spoken Languages: English fluently, basics -Russian, Spanish, Romanian Best enterprise. Leeds Christian community Trust. Profession: Hospitality)

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God Is King

God is king, but life is a trend
to take the bitter and the sweet
adrenaline battles on to the end.
Be victorious even in defeat.

keep shyness suspended
Until the breath consumed
life, where death befriended
live the dreams you assumed.

God is king, author, and the creator
made Protons and neutrons
electrons and our physical order
Spinning around the atoms.

God is king matter is compose
Of individual particles exposed

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A little bit of blessing in the morning is refreshing

Hate is a creation by your mind, use love to overcome it.

Life is a fleeting mist easily miss

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Gerry Legister Popularity

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