Ghost Legend Poems

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Fine Beginnings

You can make it
We all can make it
It's in the seconds,
The minutes,

Inner Silence

Sometimes, it's better not to speak
Than to be judged for your words.
Excuse me for not believing in fairies,
I was raised by this dirt

Snow Mountain

Up on this mountain,
A clear fountain
Distills water.

The Next Tribute

Tribes chanted of the heavens
Kings called out to themselves
Governments learned their lessons
Religion rules us all

The Lucky Plant

Did I ever rant about my Lucky Bamboo plant?
Lucky, of course, because it needs no land.
The world is scant, although a sycophant,
And this beauty needs not a hand.

Misao Fujimura

The Wheelchair Spins Like Life

These wheels spin
To stares engulfing grins.
No one wants this thing;
The blatant rush drives patience thin.

Windows Of The World

Our windows to the outside world
See all there is to be—
How many a man and woman fold
Their souls into inhumanity.

The Work Ants

Sometimes, I feel like a toy.
No, not a real boy.
Joy comes through me
Until I'm broken.

Never The Same, But As They Want

You and I are never going to be the same.
People, like the seasons, change.
Could it be that treason's fame
Is through collective, not individual, gain?

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