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Esteemed Conceptual Artists:
True authors of the spirit (poets/writers)
LIVE for the impressionistic ideals of their moment.Whom
do you consider parched, those which just desire, or those who cannot live without an all consuming creative discipline? Those who are called survive willingly in a timeless void, both in and
out of focus. We live ...

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A Love Worth Fighting For

Foolishness Breeds Arrogance,
Arrogance Breeds Indifference,
Indifference breeds Contempt, a Detachment from Compassion.

Our Existence Is But A Breath

My shadow rushes aimlessly contending with all,
the ending vague, as a tree engaged in its fall.

In my rebellious silence I cry, rescue the only prayer,

My 'Things' My 'stuff'

The truth is simple, take a humble approach when you meet the King.
Pride establishes an exclusive agenda of self-reliance. No others can enter the domain of self, not even God, unless of course you let Him in. You are your own king and reign in a territory of your own making. How's it working for you? Does the king possess all he desires? When your heart is complete and you possess all you can possibly hope for, give me a call and we'll talk; until then an honest assessment will bring clarity. You are never more alone then the time wasted gathering what you will never keep. 'Things' and 'stuff' you accumulate today, will be scattered and useless by tomorrow. Ever watch a kid playing video games? He will have dozens tossed all about, and still tell you He's bored. Same premise in life once you get older, just bigger toys. All you believe you own will eventually own you. What do you possess that won't be left behind? Funny, the importance achieved by having 'things' will never compare to the time you gave up helping someone in need; the look in their eyes, the shake of their hand, the friendship integrity brings. By helping others, You will never be alone again. When you were a wee tot did you not have the most fun playing games with your friends, and even sharing your 'stuff' for the games. Same premise later in life, an island is beautiful only when you have someone to share it.

Pride is a lie. It will always help you negotiate a plan to side-step the land-mines of sin; remember Lucifer. He was allowed total reign over the gifts God gave him. Pride set in and so did his Fall. Where pride is you will also find rebellion, both of which create a barrier for others in your life. Your greatness or lowliness is God’s decision.

Pride The Irony Of Deception

Light Is The Absence Of Darkness

Into the darkness or the Light

Be Aware, most trip over the apparent yet still refuse to see,
Some conform, some follow, death stalks but will never catch me,

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