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  • will be giving away gift cards (worth $175) every week to first 3 members who read most number of poems in that week. 1st place winner will get $100 gift card, 2nd place winner will get $50 gift card and 3rd place winner will get $25 worth of gift card sent to their email address associated with
  • Poems read must be different poems. Reading same poem does not count extra. Refreshing same page will not count.
  • Members have to be logged in for the system to count all the pages visited. Visiting pages without a logged in account will not be counted.
  • System will track members' page views Saturday thru Friday.
  • Winners will be announced every Monday.
  • 2 Minute Rule: You can only get one point every 2 minutes which means reading more than one poem within same two minutes will not count extra.
Winners of last week
  • Angelina Holmes Points: 2,488
  • * Sunprincess * Points: 1,928
  • Brain Jani Points: 1,621

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