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dab a brush of coal black color
unto your pale and fragile lashes
once you put it on. you become
giggling, twirling, oblivios

light. strikes
a silver hand
waving goodbye

I am…
A bra specialist’s worst nightmare

I have been in this dingy stall for an eternity

as we fall into the water
let us clasp our hands together

bright day is done,

hold me, wrap me up all tight
squeeze the sadness from my eyes
these eyes, these eyes, cries and cries
hold me through the shadowed night

Rain falls like a silver glass shimmer
Swishing, sweeping, slipping, sliding
Over bushes and onto roofs and splattering on

weighted words, tossed like beach balls
from heart to broken heart
the true meaning is lost, but
we still speak its message

one kiss, my lovely

on your tender, trembling cheek
as your life is placed in The Judges' cold hands

let me hear you dance

let me hear you step lightly
let me feel the music running in your veins

eagle rising in the sky proclaiming to the land:
now is the time for flight
feet o'er the ragged ground
my prize forming in the mind's eye: only distance from here

there are some who are afraid to love
some who use it all up on one man, one lost cause
there are some who do not know how to
some who have loved ruined for them

there is nothing to do, nothing to say
nothing like the nothingness of the cold
wind that blows across and about the way.
empty as the soup-filled lives of the old,

Today the rain falls outside the window with a broken pane
The cold rises from the cellar into the floorboards
Where her feet leap to the nearest rug.

I want to be sky
cradle earth in my arms
watch the stars go by


It’s Mickle

Kitten perches on the table top to peer
At the lips on the goldfish
Puckering and grimacing as the fish swims in its
Bowl of sand and sink water.

Driving down dark deserted city byway
Midnight. No one on the sidewalks but
The houseless and the club-goers


I am from Dr. Suess books, from Shredded Oats and Jesus paintings.
I am from the orange kitchen, the library, vinyl siding,
Smell of pumpkin bread cooling.
I am from the dying Christmas plant from school concert, the arcing tree


late morning (but it feels so early)
so hot, so humid, you can barely breathe
sitting in the soapy water mattress of my bathtub
holding the shower head at such an angle so that it

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Hello, and welcome to my bio. Thank you for taking the time to read some of my poems and I would love some ratings and comments to help me improve my writing. So a little bit about me: I live where it is cold, wet, and gray about 80% of the time and go to school where it is slightly less cold, wet, and gray. Ironically, I love sunshine. :) I like going to the beach with my little brothers, reading a good book, and baking. My favorite colors are teal, purple, and anything that sparkles. My passions include music, psychology, justice and equality for all, poetry, and my family. Have a wonderful day! Love, peace, and snickerdoodles, Gina P.S. if you're an online predator, please don't email me. I know all your little tricks and it's very annoying to have to keep putting you all on my banned members list.)

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dab a brush of coal black color
unto your pale and fragile lashes
once you put it on. you become
giggling, twirling, oblivios
no thoughts inside this desert head
dark mascara blanketing
fearful thoughts. sheilding
her worried soul

she is afraid. does not want to be
this girl who cries, doesn't understand
this girl who cannot find the exit sign
on her daytime nightmares

this new identity is safer, easier
to be.
shields her tear-stained cheeks. mascara for
her red-rimmed eyes. eye shadow for
her shadowed eyelids

make-up hides the truth behind her eyes
she is out of control but no one needs to know
how in her bed at night she cannot sleep
in day she is a flickering smile
laughs on cue
rolls eyes when the right words said
see how easy it is?

to be one shrouded by mascara
to exist as though nothing is wrong
to pretend I'm not falling apart
my cover soon to dissolve
mascara cannot cloud forever

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Anne Leaver 20 April 2005

Gina, I'm so glad you left a comment on my poems. I'm totally enjoying reading these you've given here. What a wonderful voice, yourself! Anne

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