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Hello, and welcome to my bio. Thank you for taking the time to read some of my poems and I would love some ratings and comments to help me improve my writing. So a little bit about me: I live where it is cold, wet, and gray about 80% of the time and go to school where it is slightly less cold, wet, and gray. Ironically, I love sunshine. :) I like ...

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dab a brush of coal black color
unto your pale and fragile lashes
once you put it on. you become
giggling, twirling, oblivios

A Memoir To Childhood

light. strikes
a silver hand
waving goodbye

A Bra Specialist's Worst Nightmare

I am…
A bra specialist’s worst nightmare

I have been in this dingy stall for an eternity

As We Fall

as we fall into the water
let us clasp our hands together

bright day is done,


hold me, wrap me up all tight
squeeze the sadness from my eyes
these eyes, these eyes, cries and cries
hold me through the shadowed night

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Anne Leaver 20 April 2005

Gina, I'm so glad you left a comment on my poems. I'm totally enjoying reading these you've given here. What a wonderful voice, yourself! Anne

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