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Don't hold her tight
For she will explode..
Not too loose
For she will fly..

Looking back at those younger years of my life '
'Twas not a happy one...
For I have to struggle with life to go on living..
Troubles and stripes were always there ready to pull me down.

Pride is something hard to mend
Wounded heart bleeding no one to lend
Reaching out, explained...
Seems no one to listen, blows like a wind..

I met this guy..
When I was in senior high
He looks like Brad Pitt...good looking guy
Happy when his around-sad when he's not

People shed tears,
when happy and overwhelmed
Sometimes emotions hard to control
when you're crying while laughing..

You always keep a record of wrong..
'Correction your Honor! '
Comments are too long...

From different walks of life
all over the world
From different race,
across the globe

Stuck inside the four sides.
Alone along long wide
Empty but not insane
Sights on the ceiling

Ging.., ging! ', someone is calling
She tap my shoulder and gently shakes me
Groggy....My eyes rolled trying to figure out
A lady in green standing in front of me.

We call this life

Life is
like a gamble

One lonely afternoon,
Waiting for the sun to set soon
Here I am at the 16th floor
standing by my terrace.

'Hope is the anchor of my soul..
Faith is stronger than great wall..
Love is powerful than the wind..
We'll follow Your commandments.

step in...step out
you force to open my mouth

I once witness a wonders of nature
from a distance in the midst afternoon
heat of the sun piercing my skin
winds of November blows my hair

Life is,
full of surprises
full of mystery
full of fashion

Goodbyes break your heart
It can tear you apart..
Sentiments never subside
Other's commit suicide..

One fine afternoon
standing by my window
cool breeze of summer is here
touches my skin blows my hair

It's been awhile my dear
My mind and my pen is dating somewhere..
I can't think of idea what-
topic to write..

Dear God,

Up there in heaven,
Here is your humble servant offering

You know me enough
the way i know you enough
It's been a long years now, since then
we knew our INDIFFERENCE.

The Best Poem Of Ging Taping

She Is A Woman..

Don't hold her tight
For she will explode..
Not too loose
For she will fly..
Love her gently
And she will love you back
I conclude...

Her tears are shallow
She cries watching
Can't hold her tears
reading touching stories...
Ask her 'why are you crying? '
She will say 'nothing'
They don't know
She heaves the emotion from an empty hole..

She is compassionate
She offers her shoulder to cry on
Her open arms as comfort zone
Everything's gonna be alright -her line-
Pretending she is strong
But deep inside
She cries, she moans..

She is Prim and Proper..
She makes sure everything is in order..
But don't mess up w/her file and disorder
Gather all of your faults -
she remembers
Anger bursts like a shattered volts.

She is loving and caring
And she takes nothing-
in return.
She bumps
sometimes a dumb...
She is strong
But she is vulnerable
weak and fragile..
She needs a MAN who stands by her.
To love her...
To laugh with, to talk with...
Who believes in her will
Her source of strength..
Her behalf..

Ging Taping Comments

Ramesh Rai 23 May 2015

After reading few of her quotation i have come to the conclusion that ing taping is brave dynamic broad minded and full of tranquility that can lead the world to a prospective feauture.Every one is writing beautiful poems, plunging full emotions and melody but rare are poet with heart and mind. Ing taping is a poetess with her full sincerity and devotions. I wish her all the best with my sincere blessings and regards for her creativity.

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Ging Taping Quotes

It's not what you wear but how you wear it.

It's because we're different from each other. That we have so much to share..

It's easy to give advice. when you're not in the same situation...

When I am alone it doesn't mean I am lonely, When I am lonely it doesn't mean I am alone'...

If it is feel it..

I realized I can never go wrong w/your love..

Time heals wound.. But the scars leaves a mark

Don't wait for tomorrow, What you can do for today.

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Ging Taping Popularity

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