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Poverty is a curse for human society
Poverty prevails there where the injustice is
Poverty exclaims there where the illiteracy is

If God asks me
what do you want?

Certainly, I shall say

There is nothing,
Like being a FRIEND.
There is nothing,
Like being a WELL WISHER.

Submission is the only way
to get rid of all pains
when the life is full of sorrow
heart is confined with darkness

Aurora that came with
the dawn,
Strengthened the the ties of life,
With a bouquet of new songs,

While returning
from American Library
on foot, on footpath
of Chowranghee

Raksha Bandhan
A tie of protection
Is the festival of brother and sister

Let my mind be refreshed
with new air, with new melody
when my day will be full of gay.

Forests are more sacred place
where no discrimination exists
discrimination prevails only
within human society

God has given you
a special gift
that is love
you can take love

I have to cross the great ocean
with my little boat
which has thousand holes
please tell my friend

Good health bears a good mind
good mind bears a good character
good character bears a humble person
filled with love, peace and passion

A patriot is a patriot
can not be crowned with
race, religion and culture


Jindagi shabdo me piroyee nahi ja sakti
varn main puri jindagi ko apne kalamo se
kisi panne par utar deta
phir likh deta apna naam

Your pains are painless
you swallowed all the pains
of your life
sacrificed all the amusement

Poetry is the heart of life
Meditation is the soul of life
Poetry removes obnoxious thoughts
Meditation evolves the power of thoughts

Life is survived
till there is desire

I too have a desire

On this day, I came to this world
I cried for, where I came and with
What destiny of my life

Life is the eternal thirst of entity soul
desires for a pervasive blooming life
to dwell in life life long
to enjoy fantasy of life

This world is my home
all members of this world
are my relatives
and the best relation

ramesh rai Biography

Poetry is my passion. Composing since teen age say 1970 and onward. Most of them are destroyed because during those days there was no such platform for publication. Some of them are still with me and also posted in this site. Since 2002 to 2011 I was totally off. In 2011 I posted some of my poems in PH. Now poetry has become the part of my life. It is my personal experience, ' a poet is born can not be made, is the inspiration of only God'. I had the promise I will meet you so i m here. I am grateful to all the poets of this site and my readers who have made me so. Thank you so much to my PH family and all readers. With regards to all. MY FIRST POETRY BOOK ' THE HYMN OF MERCY' SHALL BE RELEASED SHORTLY. Regards once again. @ COPY RIGHT OF ALL POEMS IN THIS PAGE RESERVED BY RAMESH RAI, HOWRAH INDIA)

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The Curse Of Poverty

Poverty is a curse for human society
Poverty prevails there where the injustice is
Poverty exclaims there where the illiteracy is
Poverty is purely man made
So it has to be eradicated from its root
The society afflicted with poverty
Is reprehension of entire human society
Corruption is the source of poverty
Only a fearless society can be said
Free from all poverty
Where the people are dumb and discounted
Poverty exists there
Poverty shows, how many immature person
Rule the country
Poverty is the reason for all philosophical end.

ramesh rai Comments

Dharthisha Naidu 16 May 2014

its beautiful, you very much for this lovely heart touching poem..

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Savita Tyagi 29 September 2014

Thank you Ramesh Rai for all these wonderful poems. Your poetry is heart touching. You are an asset to PH. In the world of poetry you leave footsteps behind to follow for others.

4 3 Reply

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

4 3 Reply
Dhal Bahadur Jirel 30 August 2015

You are wonderful Ramesh. Your poems come from the bottom of your heart which touches the heart of readers. Love and regards

3 3 Reply
Yash Shinde 25 April 2014

Its a great experience to your poems, that wonderfully deal with powerful themes of agony, anxiety, bliss, ecstasy........Your titles are amongst the most captivating ones, that drive readers towards your lovely writes........ This wisdom gained over years of experience, wonderfully find a place within your writes......... Yet your writes aren't flamboyant, and elegant and sublime in their simplicity............. I wish you a very good luck, may god's grace be with you always.......... -YS

4 2 Reply
Sahil Mullick 05 February 2021

I got the honor of hearing your poetry by your vocal only once in my life and it was among the best memories I had!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 19 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Ramesh Rai born on 13.December.1955 in Howrah, West Bengal, India as, Devotional Grace (भक्ति कृपा) (ভক্তি করুণা) . From today onward he will be known as Devotional Grace Ramesh Rai. In Hindi he will be known as भक्ति कृपा रमेश राय. In Bangla he will be known as ভক্তি করুণা রমেশ রায়. This title of honour is offered to him due his literary perseverance and contribution.

3 1 Reply
Anita Sharma 21 March 2017

you are such a wonderful poet sir, its always been great to read you from the heart so it touches, love and regards

3 2 Reply
Gowhar Khan 19 March 2017

Nice work.. keep going

3 2 Reply
Dr Antony Theodore 06 September 2015

Poet Ramesh Rai is a man of wisdom. Agony, Anxiety, Bliss, Ecstasy and such themes you write give me an idea of how experienced you are in life. It makes you a man that you are now, a man of great wisdom. so legitimately may i call you a Wisdom-Poet...

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ramesh rai Quotes

The world needs a dynamic creative leader who can ensure 100% mobilistion of youth with new creativity.

Poverty can not be erased till old values sustain

Common people fear to knock the door of court of law even for their right.

Futility of youth power is a severe crime.

Extra intellection is the great enemy for human civilisation

Poetry without emotion is like a dead body

Poetry is the mother of all science

Most worst part of human race is they like to be ruler.

A poet is He who embraces pains and pleasures very easily.

Political science is the invention of human being, is more powerful weapon which can lead to great devastation if not handled properly.

Can you promise for a moment not to hurt your fellow or give any type of pain to any creature. Can you promise not to be deviated from moral value of life.

We are not the owner of this earth we are only keeper

First knowledge is attained through meditation. Second is attained through travel and tour. Third is attained through books. Each one is supplement to another.

Only poet can change the world.

Poetry is an eternal space.

This world is self suffering from so many problems viz religious, racial, superiority and so many other discriminations. How can it defend any external invasion. It needs to establish peace and justice with nature to strengthen its existence.

Poetry is the visible God.

Politics need changes.

Tears in the eyes of women bring disaster and poverty in family and society.

Life is the experiment of Soul.

Poetry is not confined with literature only but it concerns with moral values of life..

Entire universe is mortal except the poetry.

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ramesh rai Popularity

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