gitaanjali naidu

gitaanjali naidu Poems

1. Innocence 6/9/2009
2. True Smile Of Love 6/11/2009
3. Where Are You? 6/12/2009
4. Dear To You 6/5/2009
5. I Just Wanna Say, Thank You 6/5/2009
6. Mother 6/17/2009
7. Prospective 6/17/2009
8. Bride 8/11/2009
9. Opportunity 8/27/2010
10. Fear 1/23/2012
11. Move On............... 6/18/2012
12. Moppet 6/8/2009
13. Wrath 6/15/2009
14. Eyes 8/12/2009
15. Silence 8/10/2009
16. Had I Been A Bird 8/6/2009
17. Friendship 6/3/2009
Best Poem of gitaanjali naidu


From the intensity of my heart,
to the ears of my venerable friend.
There is solo of passion, tenderness and
Could you ascertain it?
If so, many more years you will commemorate,
the delightful song of companionship.

Never have we departed and never shall
be apart;
From the very light of the day to the dark
of the night.
Things change, but our ornate of reverie will never be languished.
The admirers of our companionship are many,
But very few to perceive the existence of
our obsession (Friendship) .

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True Smile Of Love

Beyond the charisma of man,
there’s a power to hold on.
Man is man beyond his strength;
God is God beyond human.
A revival in your heart and the resurgence,
can never be attained by mere ruth.
The encounter with the lord,
and the yearning for his resplendence look is;
but in thy hands.

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