Glenda Gambill

Glenda Gambill
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
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Possessed By Demons

Her whole being felt tortured and drained,
Oh why do these demons prey upon her night and day?
Eating away at her soul and her energy,
Until she feels like a lifeless, wilted leaf

In Love

He was gone
She was having feelings of hopelessness and despair
Her life was as empty and bare as deciduous trees are
of leaves in winter she reckoned.

Little Snowflake

Little Snowflake, you are a sight to see,
You make my heart skip with joy and glee.
I like to watch you swirl and twirl and go round round,
Until you come to rest gently up on the ground.

I Wish

I wish that people were more sweet.
I wish that people were more neat.
I wish that people were more petite.
I wish that people had good smelling feet.

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