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1. Why Me? 12/30/2011
2. The New And The Old 1/10/2012
3. Kick Me Life 1/10/2012
4. I Love Long And Long To Be Love 1/10/2012
5. The Future That Speaks 1/26/2012
6. Miracles 1/26/2012
7. Feel My Love, Know My Friendship 1/26/2012
8. Two Become Only One 12/30/2011
9. Feeling Empty 1/3/2012
10. Two Melt Into One 2/4/2012
11. Few 2/4/2012
12. The Two Party Sick Syetem 2/12/2012
13. The Flood Of May 2010 3/16/2012
14. Faucet Of False Hope 3/16/2012
15. Don'T Go Away Hungry 2/4/2012
16. The Light-The Path-The Love 1/10/2012
17. The Bracelet 2/4/2012
18. So Beautiful 12/21/2011
19. My G.P.S. Is Broke 1/10/2012
20. Homeless Hobo 3/11/2012
21. Stolen Riches 1/15/2012
22. You Light Up My Life 12/28/2011
23. Angel In Disguise 12/30/2011
Best Poem of glenn gay

Angel In Disguise

She’s an Angel in disguise
With ruby red lips and pretty brown eyes
A Halo few people can see
But certainly an Angel to me
With time as her vessel, love for her fuel
Each passing day brings her Halo a new jewel

She’s an Angel in disguise
With comfort for the hurt and a word to the wise
Bringing out love and compassion in others
Encouraging everyone as sisters and brothers
A soul soft and clean like a snow-white Dove
A heart pounding fiercely with nothin’ but love
Wings hidden so no one can see
She’s certainly and Angel to...

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Two Become Only One

I love a sunny day
A day where clouds cannot form
And depression cannot live
A day where I know your light will light my path
To the one place I want to be
A place where your sunshine
Will shine only for me

And when the moon comes ‘round to rest

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