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1. Why Me? 12/30/2011
2. The New And The Old 1/10/2012
3. Kick Me Life 1/10/2012
4. I Love Long And Long To Be Love 1/10/2012
5. The Future That Speaks 1/26/2012
6. Miracles 1/26/2012
7. Feel My Love, Know My Friendship 1/26/2012
8. Two Become Only One 12/30/2011
9. Feeling Empty 1/3/2012
10. Two Melt Into One 2/4/2012
11. Few 2/4/2012
12. The Two Party Sick Syetem 2/12/2012
13. The Flood Of May 2010 3/16/2012
14. Faucet Of False Hope 3/16/2012
15. Don'T Go Away Hungry 2/4/2012
16. The Light-The Path-The Love 1/10/2012
17. The Bracelet 2/4/2012
18. So Beautiful 12/21/2011
19. You Light Up My Life 12/28/2011
20. My G.P.S. Is Broke 1/10/2012
21. Homeless Hobo 3/11/2012
22. Stolen Riches 1/15/2012
23. Angel In Disguise 12/30/2011

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Angel In Disguise

She’s an Angel in disguise
With ruby red lips and pretty brown eyes
A Halo few people can see
But certainly an Angel to me
With time as her vessel, love for her fuel
Each passing day brings her Halo a new jewel

She’s an Angel in disguise
With comfort for the hurt and a word to the wise
Bringing out love and compassion in others
Encouraging everyone as sisters and brothers
A soul soft and clean like a snow-white Dove
A heart pounding fiercely with nothin’ but love
Wings hidden so no one can see
She’s certainly and Angel to...

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You Light Up My Life

When I look at you I see so much beauty and so much potential:

You are like a Rose whose blossom has opened just enough today to give me a glimpse of the beauty tomorrow will bring.

You are like the beginning of a new day where I don’t know what the day will bring but I know it will be good.

You are like the sun and the stars in the skies, even though clouds may sometimes cover my days and my nights your light still shines.

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