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Brutalities never become handicap
Unlike vulnerable human being
Souls seek their wounds –
Inner and outside

No mother can be a cause for their children’s fate-but
I am lamentably being to my son-so
I sit by him to count the shedding
As it falls...I feel the plunging from the tallest mountain

I was on the way to a city
I had to cross a forest to reach that
Though there were gossips on vampires
I turned down myself with a whispering nod

My hours shrink to good.
His words make my nerves
To lead a flow without blood.
A friend with a demon face-that

I love to hear the song
But not by my ear
The song is penned for some body
Who turns the song towards me?

Thousand of apologizes for my guilty mind
Never stand by me...I am a sinner.
Every thing is meaningless for me.
November will curse me for my entry.

Why nights are made to scare me-that
I keep asking myself
One night made me alarmed than ever
I could hear the phone was ringing in frequent gap

Listen me I am pacing on empty streets
Nothing is seen before me-where are you
Barking dogs at me that whining gets me flustered
I feel bare in even seconds-where are you

Your journey was an outlying for the holy land
Dying on the land was pride for everyone
English Channel being placated was for British and Irish
Fishes would come with them till French shore

Never stand on her way
Men are minnows to her scanning eyes
Stay away to her mouth of whale
Do not be a particle of her drought belly

She broke the law for me
And, clutched my hand to darkest zone.
I feared with her navigation – but
She showed all to my bruised mind

I walk on every roof
I eat all kind of foods-but
You cannot have what you want
The devilish Stella determines your food

Morning eight, I am going off-
He takes his job of begging
I am forcibly slept but often peep at him
For hours his vessel is empty-

I loved her lot
The custom spat me with a violent virus.
Words stayed for a while to say a good bye
To her.

I dreamt big in my 13.
My curious knowledge equipped me
To grab so.
The only target was approached near

She is a cautious light for me
I do not know where she starts
And no one can assume where her blossom becomes visible
My eyes are tied with her love

Once you smile
The world smile at you with cunning
When you cry
No one does so with you

I tilted to die
As Her warm hands clutched my chest
The smell of her made me flattered
I felt the walls of my room to be blown up

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I am a mere guy, Alice is my granny name and glory is my mom....I born in a town and grown up in a village and would like to write on feelings of people.And, I am single and want to be single.)

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After A War

Brutalities never become handicap
Unlike vulnerable human being
Souls seek their wounds –
Inner and outside
Sun’s rays and rain drops kiss-
Roofs’ inwards
Broken stones from the houses –
Mingles in their (fond memories) nostalgia
Walls still analyzing
Why they shoot us, are they mad?
Insects despise the land and will search another part
Men’s atrocities could be seen –
In stillborn babies’ grave
Everywhere funeral services – but
No vicar – no laments – no ritual
Fewer mourners than dead
(Spooky) warmongers peep – coming
To pick remaining lives.
Corpses still fasting on empty streets
No one heeds their demands
Only looters plunder bloody possessions.
Street dogs and wild eagles are insipid
And rebuking that –
A festival after a decade.
Mothers’ screaming that
Don’t walk on my kid blood.
Oh! ! Shelling makes yelling.

A war may or may not bring a solution…
On the contrast, it certainly cripples the inhabitants:
“Not be a visionary in war, be an illusory in war.”

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