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Old Time Friends

Perhaps this is after all,
a season

Now each to its own breath.
Every time it happens,
there's no one else.
The beating of shred wings

The old man in the train
has taken a back seat by the window.
He just got himself a cup of Coffee
and an Angus Burger.

The soil I now pick

contains fragments of the dead.

Have these waters of the Ganges
been flowing down the memory
for small change?

As I cross these backwaters
Shelved in clay,
A tranquil suddenness,
Of miles and miles of pink flamingos,

The Back Of The Crucifix.

No one sees the back of the Crucifix.
It is plain, where the bird droppings,

In Swan Lake, the swans have come back to swim.
Young, graceful, their long slender necks pondering
Where every drop is bright upon the waters
in turquoise glow of the first born hyacinths.


There was one in my small terrace garden today.
Garden, if you could call it a garden,
a few pots,
a touch of a bright periwinkle dying,

I look out into the dark,
parting the rain like a curtain,
with my sleepy eyes.
Out in the street,

She sat by the fire, she sat quiet
by the slow flaming fire.

I remember her hand

Are you there or are you gone?
I don't believe the wind
that talks all lies
making love to the coloured skies.

Why do these words hurt,
the same old words
as never before?
They have your voice

Gopikrishnan Kottoor Biography

Gopikrishnan Kottoor is a recognized voice in Indian Poetry in English. After an M.F.A. stint in poetry from Texas State University, Texas, USA, he was Resident poet at the University of Augsburg, Germany, where he read out from his celebrated poem 'Father Wake Us in Passing', which came out as a Laufschrift edition in German. Gopi Kottoor has won national awards for his poetry such the All India Poetry Society- British Council Poetry Awards in all categories (Various years) , Wing word International prize and honourable mentions (Various years) , Chandigarh Lit fest awards (Various years) and more. He has published his poetry in journals and anthologies of repute both in India and abroad. His poetry has been translated into German, Hindi, Sinhalese, Tamil, Odisha, mandarin, Telugu, among others. His oeuvre includes Novels, (A Bridge Over Karma, Presumed Guilty, The Anklet) Plays, (The Mask of Death- The Final Days of John Keats, Fire in the Soul- The life and times of Subramania Bharati, The Nectar of the Gods- The life and times of the layman saint and martyr St. Devasahayam) and translations (Jnanappana of Poonthanam, Ramanan, the Pastoral by Changampuzha) . He edited ' A New Book of Indian Poems in English, and recently, 'Living Poetry', Seven Kerala Poets Writing in English. Gopi Kottoor has published twenty poetry collections including the recent 'Krishna, and Other Poems.' He has authored twenty collections of poetry. His forthcoming poetry collections are, This Small Town, and Poems from America and Other Poems. He founded Poetry Chain, and now edits its online poetry journal Chipmunk. He retired as a senior banker with Reserve Bank of India and lives in Trivandrum, Kerala. Blog: https: // Watsapp & Mobile: 9567424832.)

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Old Time Friends

Old Time Friends

Perhaps this is after all,
a season
And will pass. In strange
Unfamiliar rooms,
They turn over and become so quiet,
Their painted wagons roll off the last red sunsets,
Jolting us, shaking us,
Sometimes making us cry. Just how
Easily they peel away one by one,
Each face going out like a wet balloon
And all its bright colours nowhere,
In the centre of the carnival,
Under the big floodlights,
Beside the playing children

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