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Love forever lost in the past,
knowing now never to last.
What was once in my heart,
as it was from the very start.

Here we all are on Oasis, where too many have no faces.
Whether sunglassed blurry hidden and there's no trace.

Some don't know their real age, height or weight.

From the mind of Browning again it came,
A gun to fall into the Hall of Fame.

13 rounds of 9mm firepower,


To exit from a tiny womb to end up in a tomb
Living between 4 walls that some say a room

Scurrying ants says I for there's no reason to lie

Love is forever held in ones heart,
from the finish until the start
Tho' those that have left are faraway,
with you they are here every day

To love, to lose, to share.
To give. To have.
To hold.
To be nothing. To be everything.

Another day, another dream, another life for what is not yet seen.

Turning corners oh so blindly without knowing what's there it seems.

My heart yearns for that I cannot find,
My souls seeks from beyond my mind.
For to seek & then to find,
Can I see or am I blind?

Gaston Glock a name well known,
Brought forth a gun totally 'home grown'.

A Polymer gun never heard of before,

For wide open spaces the rifle's all right,
Where there's time, space, and distance, and plenty of light,
But for work on the instant, when shooting is tight,
You can't get the slant with a rifle.


At Anzac Cove we dashed ashore, we were full of hope and dread


To Moresby we fought with our lives

Looking down deeply inside there's nothing left to hide
Stripped bare of all hope & dreams to where I want to scream

The pit of despair grips me I can't breath there's just no air

I love you so deeply,
I love you so much

The sound of your voice

From J.M. Browning it came,
The World of Handguns would never be the same.

Cast from steel & wood,

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Love forever lost in the past,
knowing now never to last.
What was once in my heart,
as it was from the very start.

How to let go & move on,
how to stand firm & be strong.
The light in my Soul now so dim,
wishing that maybe I could win.

Drowning in so many tears,
living for years in so many fears.
There's no future ahead,
loving again & living is what I dread.

Forever saying goodbye,
these thoughts are what makes me cry.
Nothing ever staying the same, just the shame.

Of love lost now too many times,
these are my only crimes.
How to say how sorry I am,
how to stand up & be a man.

With each passing sun life begins to stray,
everything has been undone with each day.
Everything now means so little,
for the heart is so brittle.

Broken & shattered the love given,
never ever truly mattered.

Farewell & goodbye

For it all was just a lie..

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To err is human, to be able to write supercalifragilisticexpealadocious is a pain!

You've got a bit of a joker here but mix that with being a Cancerian & I guess that makes me a caring idiot that walks sideways then?

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