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Gordon Richard Menzies, a.k.a. “GRiM” is a speculative fiction writer and poet currently based in Ontario, Canada. He is a Son of the Exiles descended from Scots Pioneers who homesteaded in Upper Canada in 1830, owns his own island, is an honorary Blackfoot Chief, a portrait artist who works in graphite and oil, a seasoned real ...

Gordon R Menzies Poems

Where The River Ends

I follow the pale, silken river
of your outstretched leg
from the river mouth, where
your painted toes glittered

I've Given Up Poetry

I've given up poetry

no more pulled faces, long
as autumn grey shadows,

Discarded Love Letters

Silver leaves beneath the water
lay layered and unmoving
as though painted on the stream bed
discarded love letters, inkless

The Blood Stream

I have bared myself
a black wind blows
the night snow falls
falling flakes touch

Last Leaves

These last leaves between us, Mother
falling from our old family tree
your last few clinging in your winter
mine, yet coloured in my autumn days

Gordon R Menzies Quotes

18 January 2020

What can a day present that daunts a man who has awakened with an angel?

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