Gordon R Menzies Poems

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Where The River Ends

I follow the pale, silken river
of your outstretched leg
from the river mouth, where
your painted toes glittered

I've Given Up Poetry

I've given up poetry

no more pulled faces, long
as autumn grey shadows,

Discarded Love Letters

Silver leaves beneath the water
lay layered and unmoving
as though painted on the stream bed
discarded love letters, inkless

Last Leaves

These last leaves between us, Mother
falling from our old family tree
your last few clinging in your winter
mine, yet coloured in my autumn days

The Long Blue Shirt

when she wears the long blue shirt
she is a lost ocean I wish to name
hypnotic fabric wave over wave
white buttons mother-of-pearl

The Weight Of Mother's Heart

Nestled there beneath her heart
listening to the waves crashing
with futility upon the curve
of her ribs, the sturdy piles

The Blood Stream

I have bared myself
a black wind blows
the night snow falls
falling flakes touch

Elegy For A Bait Fisherman, Fallen

We've lost the accommodating grin
Of a summer morning, the soft, derisive jeers
For we Anglers, our flies and our waders
With shoes wet with the morning dew

The People You Meet Under Bridges

Shaded from the day, with
skins withered by the hot hands
of the demons they converse with there
and their eyes more empty than

Brown Leaf Meditations

She tells me that if I smoke it
I'll forgo her kisses this night
so, I think on it o'er a dram
consider its earthy brown

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