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I come now from those foreign places
Unknown to those with hidden faces
Bedecked and different, for them to leer
As one unknown, something to fear

Such is the passion the want of desire
To burn in the heart with fingers of fire
Wet lashes wrapped up, in a sweet velvet rose
To follow your heart where ever it goes

In back streets dark, cold and wet
Forgotten figures in corners slept
Ragged figures of human debris
Regrets and rats for company

He stands alone now etched by time
As though was meant to be
His frame all bent and twisted
For all who pass to see

Colour me blind in a world that is asphalt
Where sensations are blurred, emotions not felt
Damnation is welcomed with wide-open arms
And pity is shunned, like skeletal charms

Take heed a tortured heart to heal
Scarred and bruised like orange peel
Worn, now empty cast aside
Like so much flotsam on the tide

Evergreen leaves over glades of white
In harmony with winters spite
Now hang their heads with maidens dew
With all their glory showing through

Once again God claps his hands
And the world reacts in kind
To natures fury, in all its wrath
To devastate mankind

In the hustle and bustle of modern day living
A place full of greed and much less forgiving
In back streets and alley's, in dust and decay
A new breed of child reaches out for the day

Grey days and the blackest of nights
Revealed by the dawn, the most terrible sights
Confusion runs wild, amid ruins and smoke
Pursued by emotions of anger and hope

I feel I am a small grey mouse
Upon the forest floor
I thread my way from here and there
In search of something more

Another dawn, another day
And so I cope as best they say
To try and find that zest for life
Now filled with turmoil, confusion, strife

Children in the playground
Children in the park
Never leave a child alone
To wander in the dark

An angel of grace
With beauty to spare
Eyes of pure amber
And velvet soft hair

I walk this concrete jungle
On pavements, paved and cracked
So many also passed this way
leaving hidden unseen tracks

Forever amber is my shrine
Sealed in sap for endless time
Washed ashore by tide and seas
Ornaments for you and me

I feel a calm descending
As my soul prepares to rise
I feel the light within me
As I open up my eyes


Take the living, take the dead
Take the homeless filled with dread
It makes no difference young or old
In need of shelter from the cold

Caticus Cat was fatter then that
A moggy from old london town
Though surrounded by clutter
He'd stroll through the gutter

Let them go, let them be
Let them savour something free
Time to run, sense the turn
No more tears or hearts to burn

The Best Poem Of Graham Jones

Fear Of The Unknown.

I come now from those foreign places
Unknown to those with hidden faces
Bedecked and different, for them to leer
As one unknown, something to fear

Am I not I that you can see?
What is the fear you see in me?
This faceless one, that makes you quake
I hold no fear its what you make

Deceive yourself if that you may
And cringe from that which spells decay
I hold no terrors in these hands
I am but a vessel to unknown lands

There is nothing to fear but fear itself
Of what, the memory of love or wealth
You will take my hand, make no mistake
A new life starts as you awake.

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