Graham Leese

Rookie (27/03/88 / London)

Graham Leese Poems

1. The Boats Come In. 1/9/2008
2. Settling Into The Beach. 1/15/2008
3. Lazy Circadian 1/20/2008
4. Gangsta Trails. 1/22/2008
5. Concrete Trappings 1/31/2008
6. The Road To Koh Phangan 2/22/2008
7. April 5/1/2008
8. Spurting Inside 12/6/2007
9. Cut Through The Enhancement 12/6/2007
10. Obsession 12/6/2007
11. Coping With Distance 12/6/2007
12. Sleeping Rough 12/6/2007
13. Through Midnight Deserts 5/12/2008
14. Beyond The Furniture. 5/12/2008
15. Two Elephants Fall Off A Cliff 5/12/2008
16. Ophelia's Drowning 5/12/2008
17. Jungle High Retreat 1/9/2008
18. Dinner Talk. 1/9/2008
Best Poem of Graham Leese

Jungle High Retreat

I could sleep for trails
of silk in the wind
to carry us
through crystal sands with
nothing but stashed dreams and tinted
sunglasses, a strange blood orange stain.

The ghosts of long dead Victorians
can glow in gaslight
their children sepia like bones buried
long ago. In the hushed twilight lone sparrows
can guide me to heaven because the streams
lie stranded in the wake of angels.

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Sleeping Rough

Mud begins to grow
Its skin again; the pools
Of silver reflection
Collecting like the dead
Leaf freckles on her snow
White skin.

Frost bites at her eyes like rain
From a summer storm- viewed

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