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i watch as she walks away
my head hurts
my heart hurts
all of me hurts


i saw an angel oh so sweet
she took my breath
away with just a look
i saw an angel and now im dead

battlefield awash with blood
pieces of flesh hanging of their
bodies of conquest

my thoughts are like an open
book just waiting to be turned
one page and then another
instead of words with in the page

children ask so many questions
what is this what is that
were we going were we been
are we there yet so they ask

stars twinkle up in the sky
as twilight covers the sky
so many i can not count
wondering at this sight

innocence gone
given away
to the one
i loved who

danger stranger walking through the door
were did a stranger come from all
the way out here in avalon


be hold the time has come
for man and woman have been undone
so said lucifer the snake
so said the angels as they wept

diamonds a girls best friend
so they say

they sparkle, shine in lights

give a diamond give a pearl
give a bow and give a little twirl
make them laugh
make them cry

i dreamed i was just a thought
that drifted slowly through
your dreams

my love for you is so true
how can i prove it to you
would walking the world do
sailing the seven oceans

lucifer falls from grace
the host of heaven watch
his disgrace

grey aliens is their name
but what is their aim
they fly across the earth in
their ufo, s

the thunder growls across the sky
the light gets brighter and then it flashes
people scream people cry
god oh father dont let us die

a demon did cry oh why
why me why me why me
must it be

my face hits the floor
as my heart blows apart
i never saw it coming
i never thought it once

poets come poets go
what the hell do i know
of prose of words so sweet
i do it cause i like it


as i gaze upon the sky
i wonder if there are
truths still to spy
about aliens in the sky

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not much to say new to poetry, loving life having fun hope to read lots of stuff.)

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After She Walked Out The Door

i watch as she walks away
my head hurts
my heart hurts
all of me hurts

as she walks out the door
why did she meet him
why did she love him
why doesnt she love me

my heart starts beating like
a drum i dont want to let her go
i say dont go please dont go
i love you i love you

she dosen, t even look back
she i called an angel
now she takes my heart
as she walks out the door

i feel a wetness upon my face
tears run down my cheeks
i who haven, t cried since i was twelve
as she walks out the door

so much hurt i feel inside
confusion twirling inside
my heart feels ready to explode
as she walks out the door

days go by and nights to
weeks turn into months
until i meet some else
who heals my heart with
gentle words

after she walked out the door.

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