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not much to say new to poetry, loving life having fun
hope to read lots of stuff.

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After She Walked Out The Door

i watch as she walks away
my head hurts
my heart hurts
all of me hurts

as she walks out the door
why did she meet him
why did she love him
why doesnt she love me

my heart starts beating like
a drum i dont want to let her go
i say dont go please dont go
i love you i love you

she dosen, t even look back
she i called an angel
now she takes my heart
as she walks out the door

i feel a wetness upon my face
tears run down my cheeks
i who haven, t cried since i was twelve
as she walks out the door

so much hurt i feel inside
confusion twirling inside
my heart feels ready to explode
as she walks out the door

days go by and nights to
weeks turn into months
until i meet some else
who heals my heart with
gentle words

after she walked out the door.

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graham russell Popularity

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