Akhtar Jawad Granddaughter Poems

Birth Of A Granddaughter

City was disturbed with ethnic violence
air was humid and it carried smell of blood
weather was hot shouting and warning,
"Stay at home, don't go outside."

Caylin Granddaughter Of Hazel Durham

I remember
I saw Caylin
while I was walking on the Milky Way,
but Caylin was not walking,

I am not with you,
you are not with me,
I can't look at you,
and you cannot see,

Congratulation To My Eldest Granddaughter

You were born as revival of my wonderful days,
Secured in my arms just a few months old,
I remember all, your smiles on your naughty acts,
You were a diamond precious than silver and gold,

Pakistan (Happy Birthday To My Granddaughter Zaufishan)

What surprises you my dear granddaughter?
Is it a desert, a forest or the green meadows?
Remains of snowfall or music of the fall of water?
You see something wonderful through the windows!

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