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I am often so attracted,
Mesmerized and enchanted,
Having watched pretty things,
With magic in their wings,

Burning and melting,
Lightning but no thunder,
Tears dropping drown like icicles,
Freezing but not cool,

When the morning star,
Sees first sun ray,
And disappears,
In grief and distress,

Friendship is an amazing relationship,
I don't know how others understand,
I don't know how others withstand,
It is something hidden and locked by a zip.

Admired and enjoyed,
As a guide I deployed,
Messages I found,
In her poems so profound,

When someone broke my heart,
One never knew one was sitting in my heart,
I am not picking broken pieces of my heart,
I am picking pieces of someone,

A word widely misspelled,
Dictionary adds and justifies,
And over all accepted,
A welcoming compromise.

Alas! it's me who fell down in love!
But one who got a crown in love,
Almost alike both are pretty flowers,
Smiled, Oh Bird! In your handsome bowers,

A man who is never sentimental,
Always discussing philosophy and ethics,
Always busy in business dynamics,
And not admires you when you're emotional,

Let the nature remain sleepy,
when it awakes it eats the existing galaxies
and remains pregnant for millions of years,
no guarantee when it delivers the new one,

Every day I see the golden rays
titillating the partly open dreaming eyes.
The virgins open a little,
show a glimpse of their colors,

Colors of your image,
aroma of your petals,
taste of the honey,
I can only imagine

I like the rotation of its lovely wings
Looks as if three beautiful maids
Opaque costume becoming transparent
Thanks for the naught, you naughty blades!

After a fine mild rain,
I walked on the pavements,
Of a garden of flowers,
Aftershocks of showers,

He opens his eyes at the dawn
someone scatters rays of spirituality on his face
and his face becomes a sun
throughout the day he lights the way of humanity.

I don't know where the paradise is as I live in a Hell,
But a little I have heard and a little I can tell,
Unaware of the fairies white, yellow, black or brown,
Do they wear an opaque or a semi-transparent gown,

The soil of Pakistan has always been fertile
Well-built and laborious men and their sweat
Born soldiers with love in their depths
It's a land green with crops of cotton and wheat.

I watched a movie of Suraiya when I was a child,
Suraiya was an Indian popular star,
She exposed her tunes like a guitar,
An appealing beauty making every one wild.

Shape like a heart in love of someone,
Having a name like the heroine of a love story,
All round I see the resorts for love,
Nude of the nature with a hidden glory.

A conjugal love may lack the thrills of romance,
but from dawn to dusk it's music and dance,
listen to the tune of china clay utensils,
see him, he is busy with paper and pencils,

Akhtar Jawad Biography

My grandfather at Jamia Nizamia, Delhi when found himself a failure, he migrated to Medina whereat, he obtained his dream's lovely allure, the degree of Shaikh-ul-Hadith there (the final degree of a Muslim Schollar) . A pretty rose after a long endure. My father, a Moulvi Alim from Nizamiah, Delhi and Moulvi Fazil from Nadvat-ul-Ulema Lucknow, when as a Moulvi, found himself a failure, switched to Aligarh for modern studies, and secured marks during post-graduation that is still a record. Then he studied law at Lucknow, Practiced as a lawyer at Gorakhpur, but then he found himself again a failure, How he could be a successful lawyer? He could never become a liar! He said, as a moulvi, he's a failure As a lawyer, he is a failure And that's why he switched to the profession of teaching He obtained the degree of Bachelor of Teaching from Aligarh And he was appointed as a lecturer there. I am also a failure, As an accountant I always finished my works in two or three or maximum four hours. My seniors went on adding more works to my job description, but they could never force me to earn more by sitting late and working overtime. I don't mind taking guidance from any book of wisdom Besides Holy Koran, I always remained guided by Bhagvad Gita. " Karmanye vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana." (You have the right to work only but never to its fruits.) I am hopeful, I don't know what I procure, but the pains I endure, make me so much confident and secure, I'm sure, I'm sure and I am sure, one day I'll be a master of allure. Insha Allah! (If God wishes so.))

The Best Poem Of Akhtar Jawad

I Am In Love

I am often so attracted,
Mesmerized and enchanted,
Having watched pretty things,
With magic in their wings,
Flying at human height,
Touching eyes like a light,
Getting inside very deep,
With a pleasant soul peep,
Then my eyes smile,
Making heart juvenile,
And I say to myself,
Put book in the shelf,
Watch beauty an' sacrifice,
Your self, may be nice,
I then sing like a dove,
I am now in love.

Akhtar Jawad Comments

M Asim Nehal 26 September 2015

Janab. Akhtar Jawad is one of the GEM on this site and I am lucky to read his poems and literary work. It is indeed a difficult task to single out few poems from his poetry book. He writes with his heart. Apart from being a very passionate writer he is a great thinker and articulate narrator with vivacious heart. To write more about him would be like Showing lamp to Sun. May Allah keep him hale and healthy. I wish to read many more poems, Thanks much for nice inspirational poems.

13 9 Reply
Aarzoo Mehek 24 February 2016

Babajaan ki tareef ke liye main lafz kahan se laun... Kaise main apne dil ki kaifiyat bayaan karun...Ye to suraj ko charaag dikhaane waali baat hui. Kuch rishte bas ban jaate hai. Babajaan ki mohobbat, shafaqat aur sada dilli kissi ko bhi apni taraf mutasir kar sakti hai. Allaah SWT se dua hai ke aapko Allaah Paak achi sehat aur daraz.e umr se nawaaze aur hum sab aapke zer.e saaya aapke kalamon se faiz paate rahen. Aapki ghazlon, nazmon main roz marra ki azdawaji zindagi ki jhalak nazar aati hai. Ek ilm ka dariya hai aapke kalaam, Yunhi hum sab ko aapke tajrubon ko apne kalaam main dhaal kar humaari rehnumaai karte rahiye. Allaah aapko salamat rakhe.

12 8 Reply
Souren Mondal 11 February 2016

Akhtar Jawad sahaab is perhaps one of the most versatile member poet you would find on this website. His poems are filled with Romanticism with a CAPITAL R.. From simple everyday situations to a mere observation, he, with his rich imagination and ripe mind, can turn them into beautiful verse that are pleasing to read but will leave you in a state of rumination.. His ghazals and nazms are beautiful and will please your ears.. I have had the great fortune of reading his poems, commenting on them, and have the favour returned with kindness.. May the muse of poetry bless Akhtar sahaab with many more inspirations, so that we can continue to take pleasure in the works of fine poet...

11 8 Reply
Bri Edwards 12 October 2015

Shall I Compare Akhtar To A Ball Of String? If I compare Akhtar to a mere ball of string...., what fine visions would it, to me, then bring? A well-rounded fellow to be sure...; it's true! He's one who gives and gives to me and you..., and to his relatives and neighbors I am sure. His 'string' (of accomplishments) I'll bet is pure! (October 12, 2015) bri :)

12 7 Reply
Guy Richards 16 October 2015

I like this poem , I find it intriguing and captivating , in fact I read it twice ! Nice work !!

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Nadia umber Lodhi 20 April 2022

you are very good poet

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 05 September 2020

Akhtar Jawad is a great Poet and a great man. A great thinker, his Poetry can take us to the realm of eternity. He is a pillar of Poem Hunter. We are blessed by his presence.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 22 August 2020


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Jagdish Singh Ramána 27 April 2020

Except Akhtar Jawad Ji! ! ! ! ! !

2 2 Reply
Jagdish Singh Ramána 27 April 2020

To write as to the Poet's Comment I recall a beautiful couplet of Maulana Rumi: ،نه ھر کلکی شکر دارد، نه ھر زیری زبر دارد نه ھر چشمی نظر دارد، نه ھر بحری گوھر دارد۔

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