Akhtar Jawad Poems

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I Am In Love

I am often so attracted,
Mesmerized and enchanted,
Having watched pretty things,
With magic in their wings,

The Candle

Burning and melting,
Lightning but no thunder,
Tears dropping drown like icicles,
Freezing but not cool,

A Friend

Friendship is an amazing relationship,
I don't know how others understand,
I don't know how others withstand,
It is something hidden and locked by a zip.

A Teen Aged Widow

When the morning star,
Sees first sun ray,
And disappears,
In grief and distress,

A Great Poetess

Admired and enjoyed,
As a guide I deployed,
Messages I found,
In her poems so profound,

A Broken Doll

When someone broke my heart,
One never knew one was sitting in my heart,
I am not picking broken pieces of my heart,
I am picking pieces of someone,


A word widely misspelled,
Dictionary adds and justifies,
And over all accepted,
A welcoming compromise.

Two Flowers And The Bird

Alas! it's me who fell down in love!
But one who got a crown in love,
Almost alike both are pretty flowers,
Smiled, Oh Bird! In your handsome bowers,

A Guide For Girls In Love

A man who is never sentimental,
Always discussing philosophy and ethics,
Always busy in business dynamics,
And not admires you when you're emotional,

Good Night Nature

Let the nature remain sleepy,
when it awakes it eats the existing galaxies
and remains pregnant for millions of years,
no guarantee when it delivers the new one,

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