Greg Davidson Poems

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Mynah Birds And Passing Memories

- Thoughts of a dementia patient

Faces and memories,
Lost in time and space,

Black Dog

A black dog follows me,
No collar nor a lead,
Its form I can not measure,
Of undetermined breed.

Empty Rooms

Old and empty rooms,
The places in my heart
For near forgotten memories
Of now departed friends.

First Steps

First steps,
Unsteady and unsure,
Taking their first steps.

Medicine Is The Best Medicine

My life depends on medicine
From boxes on the stand
One by one I count them out
And place them in my hand.

Conversation Blues

My life is a conversation
But they say there's nothin' to talk about
Tomorrow's so uncertain
And today's just full of doubt

Words Are For Reading

Words are for reading,
Lies for misleading,
Lessons for heeding,
We learn from mistakes.

Fill Me

Damaged vessel,
I surrender to the Potter's hand.
Unworthy here I stand,
Waiting for my Lord's command.

Mourning, Forbidding A Valediction

He still remains.
Do not say that he is gone.
His memory lives within your mind
As long as thought remains,

A Collection Of Haiku - Winter

I - Morning Frost

White and crisp the lawn,
Breath to mist before my face,

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