Mynah Birds And Passing Memories Poem by Greg Davidson

Mynah Birds And Passing Memories

Rating: 5.0

- Thoughts of a dementia patient

Faces and memories,
Lost in time and space,
Like birds, flit by then flee.
Dark wings I see,
Bright eyes and smiles.
Upon my window sill they stay.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll remember yesterday.

Tied in time and space,
Locked room, bound to a chair.
Denied my explorations.
Disconnected decorations
The photographs,
Nameless portraits in a strange array.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll remember yesterday.

The meal bringer comes.
Food and basined water,
And sheets to make a bed.
The birds have fled.
She spoons the food
From plates upon a tray.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll remember yesterday.

The flower bringer comes.
Bright eyes and squawking.
Strange words are read.
A tear is shed.
Her hands cover my hands.
Now all the birds have flown away.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll remember yesterday.

The night bringer comes
To free me from my ties.
She leads me to a bed.
Strange words are said.
She strokes my brow.
I gently on my pillow lay.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll remember yesterday.

Bri Edwards 26 June 2017

now i am putting the PH link for this poem (and also your name as the author, or course!) into my/our 'showcase by and for PH poets' for July 2017. this month's showcase is poems all (except one) by male poets. thanks. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 27 October 2013

i reread after you reached the semifinals? of the 2013 contest. i still like it! and i even remembered it....sort of. :) bri i last left a comment almost a year ago! congratulations.

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Stevie Taite 03 December 2012

This has touched me Greg! How you manage to bring us into the mind of this lost sole! I am losing my dad to this! (little tear shed) Stevie

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Dawn Ferrett 23 November 2012

A very poignant poem. Particularly so, as I have a beloved aunt who is suffering from dementia. Beautifully written. Love it. Dawn xx

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Ruby Honeytip 02 November 2012

This is just beautiful! Not to angst ridden...bittersweet truth is fostered in these words. Inspired and inspiring writing.

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