Gus Schreiber Poems

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A Person Can Love

Do you think that I ever did anything
But bury self loathing in between your legs?
You were my penance and I loved you so dearly
Like a coward who suddenly loves God in the hour of need.

Alone In The Darkness, Watching Television Of Course

Over dullness of the banal, dried brown blood
which passes under our echoed pacing footsteps
a dead dog's eyes shine tragic radiance
to eager hearts, blindly stumbling over themselves

Rebel's Suicide

Rage without outlet is the worst
when holding a gun
and seeing too well
the endless trail without brunt,

Who Stole My Hatred?

All my sworn enemies
throw rocks at my fire
and my bitter straw fortress
falls in on a liar

The Defeat Of Sunrise

Getting older, John the Savage
seems less and less romantic,
as I'm forced to forever remind myself
that my mind is an empty forest;

If I

Those who scoff at petty displays
Of anger and discontent,
And speak of the divine rights to complain,
Crane their necks only upward

To A Lost Boy

I scan through the scattered letters of my youth
and amidst the scorned rage and hypocrisy
something burns.
A beaten heart's desperate promise upon himself,


The dissipation of contempt
and a thousand displaced fingers
could carry us like smoke,
dispersing carelessly in the wind

Dead Star

Flame sits idle in its solitude
indistinhuishable from ice,
a rogue star,
faint in the nights sky,

A Flame

She teeters
on the edge of a cliff
and smiles at me
as i fill with lust

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