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Gus Schreiber Poems

1. To A Lost Boy 12/6/2011
2. Frozen 12/6/2011
3. Dead Star 12/6/2011
4. A Flame 12/9/2011
5. Sovereignty 12/9/2011
6. Some Weather 12/9/2011
7. A Master Conversationalist 12/9/2011
8. Transfiguring The Smile Of A Child 12/9/2011
9. Complacency 12/12/2011
10. Delicious 12/12/2011
11. Emerging From The Water, Enameled In Slime 12/12/2011
12. The Defeat Of Sunrise 10/15/2012
13. If I 10/29/2012
14. Who Stole My Hatred? 12/20/2011
15. Rebel's Suicide 12/9/2011
16. Alone In The Darkness, Watching Television Of Course 12/9/2011
17. A Person Can Love 12/18/2011

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A Person Can Love

Do you think that I ever did anything
But bury self loathing in between your legs?
You were my penance and I loved you so dearly
Like a coward who suddenly loves God in the hour of need.

The sins of my past found me through you
And I was all too ready to kneel at your alter
Accepting the lashings I knew I deserved
Never thinking whether I owed them to you or another.

And I stuck with you, through lies and deceit
Traversing through tunnels of other mens’ carving.
I spun yarns of your past of such understanding
To make judgment yield and make bitter pain...

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Dead Star

Flame sits idle in its solitude
indistinhuishable from ice,
a rogue star,
faint in the nights sky,
like the ice planets
illuminating gray,
scorching motionless,
nullified without medium
of heat's transferal,

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