A Person Can Love Poem by Gus Schreiber

A Person Can Love

Do you think that I ever did anything
But bury self loathing in between your legs?
You were my penance and I loved you so dearly
Like a coward who suddenly loves God in the hour of need.

The sins of my past found me through you
And I was all too ready to kneel at your alter
Accepting the lashings I knew I deserved
Never thinking whether I owed them to you or another.

And I stuck with you, through lies and deceit
Traversing through tunnels of other mens’ carving.
I spun yarns of your past of such understanding
To make judgment yield and make bitter pain freeze.

You gave me self worth through contrast
And I bathed in the addiction of something new found
Until it molded solid, caking off me so sickeningly
And what I was became what I withstood.

When you screamed and cursed, lied and cheated
Each was a new notch on the belt of my person—
The man of forgiveness, with such sweet understanding
That I suspected, correctly, wasn’t a person at all.

Kaia Grønnbæck 18 December 2011

Intense and emotional. Words seem chosen with care. This is the kind of poem i appreachiate the most. Thank you for sharing it!

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Wahab Abdul 18 December 2011

It is a good poem indeed but I have written a little poem 'who loves whom ' is very funny and interesting

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