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Habeeburahman Thaliyil belongs to Thaleekkara village in Kozhikode district in Kerala.He works at HealthHub Al Futtaim Duabi UAE

Mob: +919995798560

Habeeburahman Thaliyil Abdulla Poems

You Alone I Love, Yo Alone I Worship

You alone I love, you alone I worship. [Poem]

Until I die my breath will guard you,
And my memories after.

Malala [14] Vs Taliban

"Learning is the right and duty of each man and woman"
[MUHAMMED Peace be Upon HIM, The last Prophet]
Oh, Malala, pray for you here a Muslim in Sujood.
Still echoes in the desert of Madina,


You left me in the chamber where
Death alone smelt.
I fear nothing in the darkness
Save your absence.

My Flag Is My Religion

My blood sinks into a crystal glass
In trio colour.
It flows
No drought can dry it,

Let Me Drink The Wine Of Love

Let me drink the wine of love,
Until we die of it intoxicated.
Let s start our day with a drink,
Until we bathe in it tonight.

Habeeburahman Thaliyil Abdulla Comments

p.a. noushad 27 October 2012

Habeeb, your verses give me aesthetic perceptions and ideas.All the best for you ever

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p.a. noushad 15 September 2012

your verses are very melodious

1 0 Reply
Fria N 24 February 2020

Hello Habeeb, Your writing is BEAUTIFUL!

2 0 Reply
Arushi 10 July 2018

Hello malala didi your poem was very good you are my star ????

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p.a. noushad 12 September 2013

Dear, your verse urges the need to remove stigmas from the mind.Your BEYOND EYES touches me deeply.

2 0 Reply
p.a. noushad 12 September 2013

Dear Habeeburahman Thaliyil, I feel the extraordinary poetic dexterity in your verses.your poetry collection BEYOND EYES inspire me much.

3 0 Reply
p.a. noushad 27 October 2012

Habeeb, you have kept brevity and beauty in your writings, all the best

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