PATHIRIPPATTA - po, KANDOTHKUNI, Kakkattil-via, Kozhikode, Kerala, India



Under the curved blue
water flows forever,
cold current
hot current

Your eyes in my heart,
vast, deep, bluish,
a sweet breeze now touches
the brain, heart, mind and soul,


Three streams that set out
before history
the stream of love
the stream of dreams

Elegant smile and a benign look,
I feel the power of his love,
with sane words of knowledge,
sitting in the ancestral house


Ripples form,
I like to use the word 'merge'


I visit doctor
for myself and my family
to clean the illness out,
I clean my nail, hair and body,

When a mother pats her child,
when a joey is lulled in the pouch,
when an infant cries for the breast,
when young crows are fed,

The breeze kisses tenderly
the alluring leaves again,
the swaying grass nearby
hears the rhyming verses,


Tasty food,
we enjoy much
but only its taste, .
have we more duties


Into the thousands
he flows and blends,
squeezes in a quick breakfast,
gets into his workshop

They wound my legs
and ask:
why are you lagging behind?
They keep me in old chains

When I came back
you weren't here
but the touching memories
wilted with failing dreams,

The cow
I untied to graze,
was led to the pasture,
where the grass grows greener.


When I was standing with Ma
near the yard of my house
you were flying here and there
kissing the flowers to quench the thirst,


A marvelous pair
with millions of filtering units
purifies the blood,
excess water and waste

When an egg hatches
and a young bird is out,
when a Joey peeps out of pouch,
and has the first sight of the world,


He, my little son
walking slowly to me
my hand

My wife
in the hospital bed
looks at me in silence,
tears trickling down


Your life is like the stars
floating in the milky way,
when they hide under the clouds
and the rain drops fall down

Platform swarmed with ants
on the floor, chairs, benches...
hearing the announcements of
arrival and departure.

P A NOUSHAD Biography

P A NOUSHAD [NOUSHAD PARAYULLATHIL ANIYAPRAVAN], ENGLISH WRITER AND INDIAN ATHLETE, INDIAN AUTHOR, TELEVISION PRESENTER, ACTOR, ORATOR, THINKER, TRANSLATOR, TEACHER, MARTIAL ARTIST and FARMER, was born at PATHIRIPPATTA [KANDOTHKUNI], Kozhikode District, Kerala, INDIA on 4th May 1971 as the eldest son out of the four children of his parents, Kunhammad Parayullathil House [Kallangodan Aniyapravan- KG] and Asiya Puthiya Veettil House [Pathayakkodan]. American literary site has published P A Noushad's quotes at the top hundred world famous personalities between Oscar Wilde and Pablo Neruda. P A Noushad is known as the TEACHER OF THE WORLD by the media due to the presence of his students all over the world. He is considered one of the most loved and respected teachers by the students. He is also known as the Post Modern Poet. P A Noushad is the winner of Saudi Arabia Pratibha Puraskar [ Talent Award] for his unique contributions in sports, arts and education in 2021. His Fifa World Cup Song Basila Sila is considered one of the most popular Fifa World Cup songs and it is acclaimed all over the world and sung by the people during the Fifa World Cup and other times.P A Noushad is the winner of the BEST TEACHER AWARD and Certificate from the Government of Kerala, India in 2019 from the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan and the Minister for Education C Raveendranath.He is the winner of THE NATION BUILDER AWARD from the ROTARY CLUB INTERNATIONAL in 2019.He is also known as SHOMSI in Europe, Australia, Africa and American Continents and he is also known as NOUSHAD KOZHIKODE [Noushad Calicut].He won the recognition from the Queen Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace England in 2010 and the British Deputy High Commissioner Mike Nithavrianakis honored him in Vatakara, Kerala, India.Lions Club International gave him a great recognition and the Honour of Award regarding as a great teacher on 5th September 2021. From a local literary profile he rose to global fame by the beginning of twenty first century owing to his presence in the English literary world, presence in the international poetry festivals and the recognitions. American literary site has published P A Noushad's poem Love and Love' ranks 25 from the top as the most beautiful love poems ever written in the world. Articles on the friendship betweeen Louise Gluck and P A Noushad and their poetry were published in different dailies during the Nobel Prize in literature declaration in 2020.His English speeches on YouTube on different topics for the students of the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the University of California, Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology etc are widely acclaimed across the world.He won the Award for his contributions in the fields of literature and teaching, from the Minister for Education of Kerala State Government, India, M A BABY in 2009.He won the Recognition and The Award Of Honor from the Minister for transport of Kerala State Government, India, A K Saseendran at St Antony's School in 2017.He won the Best Teacher Award at New Indian Model School Al Garhoud, Dubai in 2016. He won the recognition and the award of honor from the former Union Minister O Rajagopal in Kozhikode, India in 2013.He won the recognition and the award of honor from the former Union Minister Mullappally Ramachandran in India in 2012.He is the winner of Indian Ruminations Award for English Poetry at Gandhibhavan Thiruvanandapuram in 2014.He is the winner of the GREAT ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for his contributions in the fields of athletics, literature and teaching, during the National Day of UAE in 2016.He won the recognition and the award of honor from the former State Education Minister E T Mohammed Basheer in Kozhikode, India in 2014.He won the recognition and the award of honor from the former Minister for Industries and Information Technology P K KUNHALIKUTTY in Kozhikode, India in 2012.He bagged the Elena Best Laureate State Award for English Literature in Kozhikode, India in 2009.P A NOUSHAD participated in the World Masters Athletic Championship for the hundred meters and two hundred metres running race in Australia representing India in 2016 and did a notable performance among the professional international athletes.He translates the outstanding regional language works into English. He translated the stories of Akbar Kakkattil into English and the book 'The Selected Stories of Akbar KakkattiI' was published in Kerala. He translated the autobiography of Padma Shri K V Rabiya Swapnangalkku Chirakukalundu from Malayalam into English titled Dreams have Wings.The students are reciting his poems and get higher grades in different competitions all over the world.He writes the educational articles in different dailies and magazines across the world. He translated the history of the Panakkad Thangal's family and their ancestral Kodappanakkal House from Malayalam into English, and the book titled Luminous Thoughts was released by the Chief Minister of Kerala Oommen Chandy in Kozhikode in 2014. P A Noushad won the Award of Honour with Indian Actress Deepti Sati from the Shobhika Weddings during its inaugural function in Kuttiady in 2021 considering his contributions in sports, literature and education. He won the Award of Honour at Narippatta South LP School with Padma Shri winner Meenakshi Amma for his contributions in sports, literature and education in 2020.He donates his blood to the patients in each three months interval. He is very good at the martial art Kalarippayattu and Karate. He has been an active social worker during the natural disasters for many years. He is working for the environmental protection, planting trees and aware the students about it.He is very active in humanitarian works for the betterment of the poor and suppressed people.You can visit him at BBC NEWS, ESPN, HBO, Al Jazeera TV Channel, CNN TV Channel, Fox News, Eurovision, Manorama News TV Channel, Geo News, MediaOne News TV Channel, Mathrubhumi News TV, Kannur Vision TV Channel, Kairali News T V Channel, Janam TV, Jaihind TV, HARVARD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, OXFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LIBRARY, NEW YORK TIMES NEWSPAPER, THE SUN NEWSPAPER, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, GULF TIMES: Best teacher award receipient gets honoured in Doha, P A NOUSHAD YouTube; The Hindu: Poems are his passion; Verses that transcend boundaries and touch souls; The Times of India: Murder politics opens up new oeuvre in fiction here; The New Indian Express: Buckingham Palace springs a surprise on Noushad; Of Khalil Gibran's mysticism and the truth of existence; Deccan Chronicle: Kakkattil gets his due, posthumously; P A Noushad to pen pride in World Athletics; .He writes in English dailies.His works: LUMINOUS THOUGHTS-translation, TOUCH OF THE SOUL- poetry collection published by Olive Publications, BEING INTO INFINITY- poetry collection published by Monsoon Editions, DREAMS AND TEARS- poetry collection published by Root and Wings; LOVE AND LOVE- poetry collection published by Monsoon Editions, SELECTED STORIES OF AKBAR KAKKATTIL-translation- published by Luminous Publications. His works have been translated into different languages.Kannur Vision TV channel, Kerala, India telecasts P A Noushad's EASY ENGLISH Programme in every week. He had been working as an English language teacher since 1994 at MET CBSE School Nadapuram for three years, he had been working as an English language teacher for Chinese students for three years, he has been working as an English language teacher and social science teacher since 15th July 1997 for 23 years and still working at MIM Higher Secondary School Perode, Nadapuram in Kozhikode District, Kerala, India.His wife: RAHEEMA NOUSHAD [Kombi family Wayanad]. Children: AJSEL P A and AFEEF P A. His brothers: NASAR P A, NAJEEM P A and NAVAS P A. His grand fathers: KUTTYALI, KALLANKOT HOUSE [ Kallangodan-KG], KUNHAMMAD, PUTHIYA VEETTIL HOUSE[Pathayakkodan]. His grand mothers: MARIYAM, KALAYAMKULATH HOUSE [Kottalan Family, Kayakkodi], KUNHAYISHA, PUTHIYA VEETTIL HOUSE.Sister in law: SAFIYA NAVAS and SFANA NAJEEM. Nephew: ANFAS P A and NEHYAN P A.Niece: RIFA P A. Address: P.A.Noushad, parayullathil-house, Kandothkuni, pathirippatta-po, kakkattil-via,673507-pin; kerala, india; His contact phone number is +91 9745586855, email-panoushad78@gmail.com, Official web site address: http: //www.panoushad.com, http: //www.poemhunter.com/p-a-noushad/, YouTube Link: https: //youtube.com/channel/UCqQ2K3iCQoZTP9FBQir8GLw)

The Best Poem Of P A NOUSHAD


Under the curved blue
water flows forever,
cold current
hot current
fresh water into salty water
salty water into more salty water
going up as vapour
coming down as rain
all in the ocean
appearing and disappearing
forming and merging
again and again

P A NOUSHAD Comments

like ur eyes................i read n re read

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Mroy Jose 16 May 2008

only a great man can write like this.

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Vp Shaleeka 20 July 2008

Nice poem.I am proud to become his student.

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mu heart throbs.........u ll meet her again...........the last lines touching....our little little dreams

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Jt Jayasingh 05 June 2008

P A Noushad is a born poet.Every colour of life and world creates in him reflections. And like a fairhful artist he paints that sincerely.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 27 May 2020

P A Noushad is a highly skilled, multi-talented, internationally acclaimed and athletic poet of the modern world from Kerala, India, who writes beautiful and richly knowledgeable poems, which are beneficial for society. I have read and reviewed his poems with great satisfaction. Soul sings songs of eternity in his poems and filial love has great value in his art. Naturally God gifted poet Noushad amazes us reflecting his inner values in his poems of high philosophy through his perseverance.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 27 May 2020

I am wishing all the best to poet P A NOUSHAD for his high literary perseverance! May God bring happiness for him! BEST WISHES FROM: Poet Kumarmani Mahakul, Ranked #309 on date 23 May 2020, Saturday, Ranked # 320 on date 24 May 2020, Sunday, #334 on date 25 May 2020, Monday, and ranked #325 on date 26 May 2020, Tuesday, #335 on date 27 May 2020, Wednesday, on top 500 poets of the world (As per the World Poetry Database Information)

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Ashraf kallod 18 February 2019

most touching lines

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Ashraf kallod 18 February 2019

most touching lines

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Abdul basith Pc 12 August 2018


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Wings of love and affection embrace eternity.

Wings of innocence place us near God.

Mind gets its tranquility when you realize yourself.

God knows the most beautiful mathematics by which he created the universe.

The prevailing energy in the universe touches your heart in each and every moment.

Eternity pulsates in the hearts with the ocean's tides.

One who acts on love and affection is happy in this world and beyond.

If we are reluctant to look after our parents when they need help, who will look after us in this life?

When we realize the depth of ignorance we touch the beauty of truth.

When the mind ceases its roaming, sure, you will reach your destination.

Tranquility comes only from within.

Happiness comes only from within.

Affection and love are the real symbols of eternity.

If you can keep yourself positive in a negative situation, sure, you can win in your life.

You will be in tranquility when you stop worrying about what other people think of you.

Wings of affection, love and kindness lead us toward eternity.

If you can conquer your anger, it is the greatest quality in your life.

Good deeds are the greatest wealth in our life.

Health is the most precious wealth in our life.

If you can love yourself, how can you hate other people?

Your tongue is like a sharp sword, be very careful to use it.

Mother is the symbol of consolation and affection.

Father is the symbol of inspiration and love.

A good teacher touches the hearts of the students.

A best teacher guides the students toward their destination.

The life on earth is very short for us, each moment is very precious and each moment is a new lesson.

You can hide your wealth from others, but you cannot hide the truth from others.

You can hide your money from others, but you cannot hide the truth from others.

You can hide your earnings from others, but you cannot hide the truth from others.

The colour of the skin and the figure of the face are not the beauty but the purity of mind.

If you consider that the figure of the face and the color of the skin are the beauty, you are really far away from the truth.

Connect your mind with the soul of the universe, minimize your ego, you can feel the bliss ever.

Connect your mind with the soul of the universe, minimize your ego as you can, then feel the bliss ever.

What your mind decides that you become.

You will be in bliss when you stop worrying about what other people talk about you.

We should decide, what we should eat and drink and how we should eat and drink, never follow blindly the flow of the society and family, that is good for you and your health.

Anger will burn us into ruin, let not anger conquer you and you should conquer anger.

Keep a childlike mind ever, play with Small children when you get chance, it will keep you healthy and virtuous.lt will keep you far away from the evils of the society.

When you lose something or somebody, then only you can understand the real importance of it.

lf you can conqure yourself, sure, you can conquer this universe easily.

Let us love our nature so that we can have a best future.

Let us love our nature so that we can have a better future.

Meditation brings tranquility and consolation.

Never hurt anybody with your tongue, if you hurt others it will hurt you too.

Only love can bring you a real life on earth.

Believing yourself and try to understand who you are-this is the best way to bring wisdom.

The world is the greatest classroom where we come to make ourselves great from different types of experiences, each experience in the life on earth is a new lesson for you.

Our thoughts are really very important, by which only we are made of, by which we feel bliss, happiness, sorrow, satisfaction, success, failure and all other feelings.

lf you can understand the power within you, then never you will be get tired and hopeless.

During the anger, you are not you but another person, so conquer anger to lead a successful life.

P A NOUSHAD Popularity

P A NOUSHAD Popularity

PATHIRIPPATTA - po, KANDOTHKUNI, Kakkattil-via, Kozhikode, Kerala, India
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