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Habib A Zakari is a writer from Nigeria and his works ranges from poem writing, folk-lore, Drama and his fictional works include short-stories and a Novella.

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Dreams die
And their loss are lamented

Before many eyes that hold them high
They become droplet of water in Wildfire

Dreams die
And their loss are lamented

They die because they thread
wrong paths on straight journeys
Like trajectory that leads a river
to desert where lies not its path

Dreams die
Because they're malnourished
Like babies born in drought infested Land

Dreams die
Because they're sheltered
In minds that leave them bare
Like unclothed babies laid
in the harmattan wind

Dreams are Paths
They are Destinations
They are only reaced with right threadings
Dreams are like babies
Only care determine their growth
Dreams are like rivers
Their flow determine how they'll be

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Habib A. Zakari Popularity

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