Habib Jalib

(24 March 1928 - 12 March 1993 / Hoshiarpur, Punjab / British India)

Habib Jalib Poems

1. The Nation Is Not In Danger 8/12/2011
2. The Mother 3/16/2012
3. To Rakhshinda Zoya 3/16/2012
4. On Iqbal Centenary 3/16/2012
5. These Honourable Ministers 8/12/2011
6. God Is Ours 3/16/2012
7. America–a Black Wall 8/12/2011
8. Islam Is Not In Danger 3/16/2012
9. The City Of Darkness Will Not Last 8/12/2011
10. The Government Of Jack Boots 3/16/2012
11. What Does Pakistan Mean? 3/16/2012
12. Dastoor 3/16/2012
13. Ghazal 3/16/2012
14. The Constitution 8/12/2011
15. Maulana 3/16/2012
16. The Garden Is A Bloody Mess 3/16/2012

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Too long I have heard you preach and prate, Maulana
But so far there has been no change in my fate, Maulana
Keep to yourself your preachings of gratefulness
My heart, like an arrow, they penetrate, Maulana
The truth, only you know or God knows
They say that Jimmy Carter is your pir incarnate, Maulana
The land to the landlords, the machine to the despoilers
This, according to you, is God's dictate, Maulana
Why don't millions fight for Palestine
Prayers alone cannot from chains liberate, Maulana

Pir: Sufi Saint

[Translated from Urdu Poem 'Maulana']

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Islam Is Not In Danger

Endangered are the idle rich, bursting with cash
Crumbling walls about to crash
All the centuries’ mish-mash
Islam is not in danger
Why do a few clans all the land rights enjoy
And those, who revere the Prophet, are bereft of joy

Endangered are the beasts of prey
Multicoloured cars which in the streets sashay

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