Halloween Nightmare

Halloween Nightmare Poems

In the valley,
before i lay
someone come
and kill me now

Today i feel so down,
so broken inside,
like i've lost my soul.
i always feel so worthless,

i come to school
i am so sick of it all
i've had enough of

my life has bein takin over by my thoughts of suicide
cant help but think of death and how it would be
when im gone im layin down in bed with these
thoughts of how i should do it or should i try to run

what have you taken away?
a shadow of betrayal as emotions scream.
once we tasted innocence,
untainted and hand in hand,

It is a night of darkness, a song of blood,
wolves vent their pain. The dark one

My dread grows as doom's scythe falls against my neck.
It slays me, and darkly my
blood drips
to the wicked earth that is my prison.

my heart sings this song
that will tear u apart
this songs means nothing
to ne one but me this

today of all days i feel so alone
for so many years i've bein alone
today is different

i thought it was for ever
but for ever never lasts
ever time you said you cared it was just
another lie.

i like this guy n i dont know y
everytime i think about him
it makes me wanna cry
my heart bleeds for the lust we had

people say mean things
they push u around
abuse u an u never make a sound
1day i will take u out an ill never

my heart has turned 2 dust
a thousand times or mor
and has never felt this lust
the lust that longs in my heart

Depression is the pain
life is the game
when my heart beats it fells like it skips a beat
when i sit i sit alone when i look around theirs nobody to be found

ive travelled so far in life to know wat i shall do
ive travelled so far that i think i am losing you
as i go another step you get further away
but i have travelled so far i dont wanna go back

Halloween Nightmare Biography

my name is siobhan my friends call me B@M B@M i write poems that mean something to me their important to me they come straight from my heart im a goth and im straight foward and my saying is born 2 lose live 2 win and a great saying by motorhead)

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Vampires Die For You

In the valley,
before i lay
someone come
and kill me now
I drown in the fear
of my lust for your
the fear of falling
for my lust
my thrist
of your blood
it fills my heart with
slowly killing me
i cant give in but the
thrist has gotten stronger
i must have too so i slit
your throat drained
you of your life
and drunk your soul
your blood drained me
of my soul and
now im dead
and so are you
the first of your blood destroyed
my soul

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